Summer Recipes

Terra Delyssa

I love summer! I love the water sports, the outside time, and the food! So, I was super excited to try out some olive oils from Terra Delyssa. I use a lot of olive oil in the summer because it’s perfect for grilling and cooking.

Terra Delyssa’s olives are grown in Tunisia and then are cold pressed for a terrific quality extra virgin olive oil.

I am really enjoying all the infused olive oils that they sent me. It’s nice to be able to add a little extra flavor to my dishes.

The first one I tried out was the red pepper. I cooked it with some pasta, red bell peppers, bacon crumbles, habanero peppers, and parmesan cheese. It was delicious and made a great quick summer afternoon lunch!


And, what yells summer more than cold treats? I love olives! So I was excited to try out this new Olive Boat from Corico.

This is awesome for a summer dinner party. You just drop the olive pits in the center and the plate looks nice a clean all evening. It’s amazing!

It’s also great for those private snacking sessions when I just want something cold and I want to stay away from sweet foods like ice cream. This is perfect and makes it more fun to eat healthy snacks!


Crockpot Chicken Corn Chowder

I received this Fond Bone Broth free for purposes of my review. All opinions are my own.

As we head into the end of our school year, my schedule becomes hectic. And I resort to easy or crockpot meals a lot more often just to keep up with everyone’s end of year schedules and activities.

Fond Bone Broths are super flavorful and great for you! So, cooking with them is incredibly easy, because the seasonings I need are already there!

Crockpot Chicken Corn Chowder

3 jars Fond Bone Broth Tumeric, Thyme, Black Pepper broth
2 lbs boneless, skinless chicken
1 bag of frozen corn
4oz cream cheese
1/4 cup water
2 Tbsp corn starch

  1. Place bone broth, chicken, and frozen corn in crockpot. Cook on low for about 6 hours
  2. Shred chicken and add 4oz cream cheese
  3. While cream cheese is melting, stir together 1/4 cup water and the corn starch
  4. Add corn starch and water to the crockpot and stir until everything is mixed and slightly thickened.

If you want to make this a little more southwestern you could toss in some black beans, green chiles, or tomatoes – but in the interest of keeping everyone in my family happy, I didn’t add these in.

Holiday Baking – Sprinkle Pop

I was sent an awesome assortment of SprinklePop sprinkles to review. With such awesome and festive sprinkles we got started on our holiday spirit early!

At about $9 a bottle Sprinkle Pop creates mesmerizing sprinkle mixes that taste just as good as they look. These sweet mixes combine vibrant colors and innovative textures making every sprinkle batch feel like a work of art.

Bring Sprinkle Pop home to your own kitchen and decorate those like a pro! As you get ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas this winter, Sprinkle Pop has the mixes that take your desserts over the top! You might just be tempted to add a splash to that whipped cream on your pumpkin spice latte too. I know I couldn’t resist adding whipped cream and sprinkles to my hot chocolate!

Their sprinkles are so much fun! There’s a great mixture of larger and smaller sprinkles. And their Marshmallow World even has mini marshmallows that are perfect for adding a little sprinkle to your hot beverage.

Since we received our sprinkles, we’ve been sprinkling everything! This Christmas Magic Sprinkle Mix was the perfect topping for my iced sugar cookies!

Having sprinkles pre mixed like this makes it so easy to create something super fun and cute without having to put a lot of effort into finding the right sprinkle. Everything I put sprinkles on was perfect!

They even have some solid color mixes, and glitter stars, and confetti trees. These sprinkles are so creative and fun! I’m just loving SprinklePop sprinkles for my holiday baking!

Holiday Baking – Chanukah House

We love making holiday houses and this Chanukah House was no exception!

Made by Manischewitz, this product checks off all the holiday boxes: sweet treats, imagination, family fun, and meaningful giving.

The do-it-yourself Chanukah House cookie decorating kit (MSRP $12.99 – 15.99; 2 lbs., 14.9 oz.) comes with everything children need – from cookies and icing to a sanding sugar and a candy menorah – to build their own edible holiday cottage.

Best of all, when you give this charming gift to a young one, you’re also giving the gift of books to kids the world over. Because, the kit is at the center of a special promotion by Manischewitz to drive consumer sales and raise awareness for PJ Library, an organization that sends more than 225,000 free Jewish children’s books every month to households in the U.S. and Canada.

I’m always excited about organizations that provide books for kids! Every Chanukah House box features a callout encouraging consumers to sign up for free storybooks of their own from PJ Library.

While the Chanukah House kit is designed for Jewish families, and we’re not Jewish, I love things that add to my children’s cultural experiences. This was a fun and educational discussion starter. While building (and eating) the house, we talked about the monorah and the blue and white colors of the house and how in Jewish culture they celebrate Chanukah around the same time that we celebrate Christmas – so the holidays always overlap their items in stores.

It was fascinating to see my kids think through how not everyone celebrates the winter holidays the same way, and I loved how excited they were to discover how Jewish families celebrate this time of year.

The Chanukah House cookie decorating kit will be available at Ralph’s, ShopRite, Stop & Shop, and Walmart, and on Amazon, among other outlets.

We had some elf cookies and the kids just had to have one of them visiting the Chanukah House. I love how they got into the spirit of celebrating another culture’s holiday!

About Manischewitz

The Manischewitz Company has been making traditional Jewish foods since Rabbi Dov Behr Manischewitz first opened a small matzo bakery in Cincinnati, OH in the late 1800s. For more than 130 years, the company’s goal has been to provide quality kosher products that bring families together and celebrate the traditions of Jewish heritage. Today, Manischewitz sells hundreds of delicious products to communities across the globe.

About PJ Library

Part of the Harold Grinspoon Foundation, PJ Library is a free program that sends families expertly curated, age-appropriate Jewish children’s books each month. At reading time, parents and kids can explore Jewish values and traditions together through engaging stories. The PJ Library experience changes at age 9 when kids can move up to PJ Our Way and choose their own middle grade book or graphic novel every month.  To learn more and to sign up to start receiving free monthly books, visit

Many thanks to Manischewitz for sending over this amazing Chanukah House Kit for me (and the kids) to review!

Favorite Snacks Subscription Boxes

Last set of food related subscription boxes. If you haven’t noticed already, I love food! These 3 are some of my newest subscriptions. The thing about not going to a physical store is, I buy a lot less snacks. It’s great, but, there are times I just want a snack. For some reason I struggle to find and add these when I’m ordering groceries, so…I decided to try out something a little different. These snack boxes are so much fun!

Munch Pak

This was the first snack box I tried, and it’s lots of fun! They have an assortment of snacks from all around the world, and an option to add on a soda – which is so much fun!

This is a monthly subscription, with 3 size options. 5, 10, and 20. I chose the 10 and that’s perfect for me. With the soda add on, it’s $30 a month for 10 snacks and a drink. So far, each box has had a variety of snacks, basically 2 each from 5 different countries. I enjoy trying new things and this box has been so much fun!

Get $5 off your first order with my link.

Universal Yums

This one is super fun! And I love how different it is from the other snack box. Universal Yums themes their boxes by country each month. This past month was Egypt and it was amazing! I had no idea that Egypt made so many tasty snacks.

They have 3 sizes 6, 12, and 20. I get the 12 and it’s just right. At $25 a month, I get a lot of fun snacks to enjoy. What’s really fun is it includes a little booklet of information about the country and about each snack. I always have so much fun reading about each snack before I eat it.

They also include this fun score card so I can jot down what I thought of a particular snack. And then, what’s super duper fun, if you really like something, you can purchase more from their “Yum Shop”. Pretty cool!

Want $5 off your first order, just click through my link here.


Favorite Food Subscription Boxes

Food is super important. And, I love to cook! So, I’ve tried everything from subscription freezer meals (yuck!) to straight up vegetable subscription boxes.

First things first. There are no freezer meal / prepackaged meals on my list. I’ve tried several and didn’t like any of them.

I do have my favorite meal kits and some fruit, vegy, and meat boxes that I love.

1. Dinnerly

Dinnerly is the first meal kit that I tried. I got a free box from a friend and gave it a shot. Their advantage is that they are the cheapest I’ve been able to find. At around $40 a box for 6 meals (3 meals X 2 people) that’s about $6.50 per person per meal. It’s a tad less per meal if you’re ordering for 4 but with these meal kids I have found that a 4 person meal is way too much for us since the kids are still young. I feel like this gives me a couple of meals that I don’t have to plan myself and that’s always a relief.

The downside is that they don’t generally prep their ingredients. So, if you need grated carrots, they just send you a carrot and you grate it yourself. I’ve found this box to require more prep time than the other boxes I’ve tried. But, you get what you pay for, so if you’re wanting inexpensive without having to do the meal planning and shopping, this is the box for you.

Interested in trying this box? I do have some free codes to give out. Just DM me on my social media and I can generate a code for you.

2. Home Chef

This is my favorite meal subscription box. At $50 to $60 per box this one isn’t super cheap but it’s also not the most expensive out there. Once again, this is the cost for 6 meals (3 meals X 2 people) so you’re looking at $8.25 to $10 per person per meal.

Their meals come with many ingredients pre measured and pre prepped (carrots are already grated) and each meal is in it’s own bag so you know all the ingredients are there and you can’t mix them up. These meals are usually pretty quick to prep, they have a large selection to choose from each week, and they’re delicious. They use fresh ingredients so I feel like I’m cooking good, healthy food, but with a lot less effort.

Want to check it out for yourself? Use my referral code jennyf53 for $35 off.

3. Misfits Market

This is a weekly box of fruits and veggies. $22 plus shipping for 10 to 13 pounds of fruits and veggies for their small box. It’s plenty of food for my family. They do have a larger box if you want more, but honestly, everyone I know gets the small one. This is really a very inexpensive way to have fresh fruits and veggies arrive at your door every week.

There is an option to select your preferred foods (it’s not guaranteed, but I usually get what I request), you can add discounted organic products (like chocolate bars and hot sauce), and even though the products are seasonal, they have a large selection with lots of variety.

I love getting this box every week. It’s an easy way for me to make sure I’m serving lots of fruits and veggies to the kids!

Get 25% off your first box with code: COOKWME-PJ0UPY

4. Butcher Box

This is the newest food box that I’ve tried and after 2 shipments, I’m hooked! This is a meat box. It comes well packaged and frozen, so you can drop everything in the freezer or stick some in the fridge for eating soon.

They have 2 box options $129 for 8-11 lbs of meat or $238 for 16-22 lbs of meat. You can set your shipping frequency to every 2, 4, 6, or 8 weeks. And you can pause or extend out your delivery date by 2 weeks at a time. They also have additional items (like extra ground beef) that you can auto add every month, and special sales that you can add as they’re available. You can choose to have your box all beef, beef & pork, beef & chicken, or beef, chicken, & pork. I do the beef & pork because that’s the meats I prefer to cook with. And I get the 8 – 11 lb box every 8 weeks with an extra ground beef added on.

The meat I’ve gotten has been great quality and it’s so nice to have meat arriving on a schedule so I can plan my meals around what I’ll have and when. With this box and Misfits Market, I pretty much have all my essentials. If I could just find a box that ships milk products, I would be set!

I know you’re dying to know more about Butcher Box, so Check them out here. And see what tasty meats they have available!

Favorite Beverage Subscription Boxes

The beginning of this year, I had a couple of subscription boxes that I used. I really didn’t see the need for more. Then, with ordering everything from home, I find the convenience and predictability of subscription boxes for food items to be very handy. As I was preparing this list, I realized that I’ve added a LOT of subscription boxes this year. So, rather than list them all in one long list, I’m going to do a couple of posts and list out my favorite by category.

1. Sipsby

This was my very first subscription box. I used to go into Teavana whenever I visited the mall and try out a new tea every time I was there. So, when they closed I started looking around for an inexpensive way to try some new teas. I came across Sipsby and I’ve been super pleased.

It’s $15 for a monthly box of tea. They send 4 flavors every month. When you sign up, you fill out a flavor profile so you don’t get things that you don’t like. I kept my profile pretty broad so I can share with everyone in the family. The kids love herbal teas, especially if the have chamomile in them. We’ve discovered some new bedtime favorites this way. My husband loves chai. After Teavana closed – taking our favorite chai with them – I was struggling to figure out how to find a chai that we like without spending a fortune. We’ve found several through Sipsby. And I of course, love a good black or oolang, and this subscription has sent me some really tasty varieties of these.

After you try your teas, make sure you review them online. I make sure to tell them what I think so my teas get better every month. Every now and then they send one that’s truly awful (like cinnamon & licorice) but I’m usually very happy with all 4 of my teas. Best of all, if you really like something – remember, I’ve found some favorites this way – they have info on their website telling you where you can buy it and a coupon code to get a discount when you purchase. For a family who loves tea like mine, this box is awesome!

Want to check it out for yourself? Use my link to get $5 off your first box.

2. Atlas Coffee Club

Coffee is another love of mine. I started drinking it in college and then when kids came along, coffee is just a necessity. Seriously, when people were going crazy over TP in May, I checked my coffee stash, because if there was a run on coffee, I was in trouble!

Thankfully, I had already signed up for Atlas Coffee Club, so I wasn’t too worried. I actually tried out several coffee subscriptions and this is the only one I liked – so take it from me, this one is the best. You can choose ground or whole, between 1 and 6 bags of coffee per shipment, and a shipment frequency between 1 and 10 weeks. I set mine at 2 bags every 4 weeks and that seems about right for me. I’ve been known to pause, slow down, or speed up my subscription depending on the time of year and how much coffee I’m drinking or not drinking.

You fill out a flavor profile and they use that as a guideline when selecting coffees to send you. I’ve enjoyed the full flavors of all the coffees they’ve sent me so far, so I feel like they got my profile right. You can also review your coffees each month to help them send you more of what you like.

The price per bag goes down a bit depending on how many you’re getting per shipment. 2 bags is $28 + s/h but 3 bags is only $39 + s/h.

Use my link for $10 off your first box.

Just the Cheese – Review

*I received these cheese products free to review.

Just the Cheese is a Wisconsin company that makes and ships these delicious cheese snacks. Basically, they take cheese, bake it until it’s crunchy, and then package it up, and send it to you. Pretty amazing!

They sent me a box packed with all their flavors! And it was so much fun trying out different cheese snacks.

Flavors – They have 5 flavors available. Wisconsin Cheddar, White Cheddar, Grilled Cheese, Garlic and Chive Cheese, and Jalapeno Cheese.

Real Cheese – The first thing I noticed about these is that they taste like real cheese. Usually with cheese snacks, they all have this artificial cheese taste. With Just the Cheese it’s obvious that you’re eating real cheese. Yum!

Favorite Flavor – White Cheddar is my favorite flavor. Probably because I like white cheddar in general. While all of the cheese snacks are flavorful, the Jalapeno Cheese was not as spicy as I expected. It’s packed with flavor, but won’t burn your mouth.

Filling – They’re very filling. Because they’re basically dehydrated cheese, I feel like I’m getting a lot of cheese in each bite. I enjoy these as a snack, but have to share some with my kids if we want to eat an entire snack bag at once. It’s hard to find filling snacks!

Crunchy – These snacks are really crunchy. I definitely prefer the mini-packs over the bars. They taste the same, but the mini packs are these tiny round crunchy bits of cheese and super easy to eat! The Bars are big and crunchy and more difficult to eat without making a mess.

Just the Cheese products are available for purchase on their website and on

Truffle Shuffle Review

Truffle Shuffle sent me a box of supplies for their ice cream sandwich class, AND I got to attend their ice cream sandwich making online class, in exchange for a review.

With trying to reduce trips to the store these days, I’ve been getting lots of deliveries. So, I’m not stranger to receiving a box of food in the mail. A couple days before my scheduled class I received a box stuffed full of ingredients and yummy Truffle Shuffle items – I desperately wanted to eat some of these items before my class, but I managed to wait.

Everything arrived in an insulated box with ice packets. These packets still had some ice left in them so Truffle Shuffle definitely did a great job packing! Especially when you consider that the heat indexes were up into the 100’s the week my box arrived.

Everything arrived well packaged, well labeled, and pre-measured. Well, except for the truffle salt and truffle honey, they sent extra! I should add here, that truffle salt is amazing!!!

I put the perishables in the fridge and the non perishables in a neat stack on the table and waited for the class I had signed up for. And warned the kids that they were not allowed to eat the sprinkles!

Class is conducted via zoom and generally the screen looks like this. Sometimes they fullscreen on the chefs if they’re showing you something. If your camera is on, they’ll cycle through participants and you get to see what everyone else is doing. Don’t want to be seen? Leave your camera off. They did a terrific job of walking through the steps with you. At times, they would ask everyone to signal thumbs up that they had completed the step and were ready to move on. So, just like a real in person cooking class, they made sure everyone was keeping up and ready to go.

Several times people typed in questions and they were very quick to answer those. I feel like this class was amazingly interactive and fun!

I learned some fun cooking tips that I hadn’t known previously – like why we were browning butter for the cookies. And they did a terrific job of time management! For example, I know you’re all wondering what the lemons are for. They’re for 2 things. We made lemon ice cream with the lemon zest, and we made lemonade with the lemon juice.

We did the ice cream first. I had never made ice cream without an ice cream maker, so I was kinda skeptical, but it worked perfectly!

After mixing, and a lot of shaking! we put the ice cream in the freezer to sit while we did everything else. After mixing the cookies, while they were baking and cooling, we made lemonade.

When the lemonade was finished, the ice cream was ready, and the cookies were cooled, so we assembled our ice cream sandwiches. The class was scheduled for 1.5 hours and they were right on that time. Which is pretty incredible when you consider that they’re virtually walking a dozen households through making ice cream, cookies, lemonade, and assembling ice cream sandwiches.

I’m pretty proud of how my ice cream sandwich turned out! Several of the participants (actually about half of them) had their kids doing the class and the parent was just supervising. The kids kept up without a problem and they made the class so much more fun! Next time I sign up for a class, I’m going to have my kids make me dinner.

I highly recommend this class. I learned some new cooking techniques. Got to cook with truffle salt and truffle honey, a new thing for me. And, everyone enjoyed assembling and eating their own ice cream sandwiches!

Want to join a class of your own? Use my link for 10% off!


Chocolate Stuffed Marshmallows

I received these free to review

We love s’mores! Especially this time of year. And considering how many marshmallows and chocolate we go through every week, I was super excited to try these stuffed puffs!

First things first, I had to rescue them from my little guy. They arrived in the mail and he was pretty sure that he had received a package for him alone. Once I got them from him, and hid them, we planned our s’mores night.

We had to re-schedule a couple of times because of weather. But, eventually, we had a dry evening and were ready for s’mores.

My first concern was, “how are these going to stay on the stick?”. You know, will they melt too fast? This turned out to not be a problem. Yay! I had visions of chocolate dripping out of the marshmallow and everything ending up in the fire.

These roasted up quite nicely. They did get soft pretty quickly, so I didn’t get mine as brown as I usually prefer, but I was worried about losing the marshmallow. The kids don’t roast theirs as long as I do. So this wasn’t a problem for them.

The marshmallow is a little stickier than my usual marshmallow, so I think something is a little different, just to make sure that the chocolate stays in the marshmallow while roasting. But taste was great.

All in all, I was pretty please with these. The chocolate tastes good, and especially with kids, having the chocolate inside the marshmallow was one less step to s’mores making.

This is definitely a product that’s going on my s’mores making list for the rest of the summer!