Easy Scarf

IMG_20150319_140825118I whipped up this easy scarf in just a couple of hours.

Size 15 knitting needles
2 skeins standard weight yarns (get 2 different colors)

Working with both yarns together

Cast on 20

Row 1: Knit
Row 2: Pearl
Row 3: Knit
Row 4: Pearl
Row 5: Knit

Repeat this pattern until scarf is desired length or until you reach the end of your yarn.

Shopping with Girls

JoAnn fabrics was having a great sale on remnants, and I had a gift card, so me and the girls (4 and 2) went shopping the other day. The one thing about fabric shopping with 2 young girls is that they both feel that they must pick out their own fabrics.

My 4yr old picked out hers and then we started heading for the pattern area and the 2yr old objected, so…we had to go back and let her pick out her own fabrics too. At least now I have fabrics and patterns for their Easter dresses – or Easter outfits since the 4yr old picked out a shirt and skirt pattern.

Here’s the fabric my 4yr old picked out. The green is for the shirt and leggings and the yellow for the skirt which will have pink tulle under it as well.

And my 2yr old’s pick. She really had to have the pink and wouldn’t let us continue shopping without letting her pick her fabric!

Plus we have all sorts of extra fabrics from the remnant pile and a few extras we picked up while we were there. I’m going to be busy!

New Black Dress for the Baby

So…shiny black dresses are apparently hard to photograph, but I think you can get the general idea.

I found this huge skirt at a yardsale this past summer for $1 that I decided to make a dress for the toddler out of.  You can’t see it really well in the picture but it has embroidered flowers all down the front of the skirt. The minute I saw it I knew it would make a cute dress, and I even had enough fabric for the bloomers!

Up close on the front of the dress. You can kind of see where I did some altering to the from to make the very top section of the front see-through.

If I ever do a project like this again I’m going to remove the waste band from the skirt before I start cutting. It was a little difficult to cut out a pattern because the skirt was gathered at the top and I couldn’t get the pieces to lie flat.

I tried it on the baby already and it’s so cute! Now, on to my Easter dress project!

Baby Quilt and Child’s Apron

I’m a little bit behind on posting sewing projects, so, here’s a couple I  just finished:

Little girl and doll apron. This fabric was leftover from a project last year so I just used it up.

A baby quilt and burp cloths that I made from leftovers from sewing projects. Whenever I finish a project I cut as many squares as I can get out of the leftovers and just save up the squares until I have enough complimenting squares to make a quilt.

It definitely makes for a fun quilt!

And, a closer look at the burp cloths. The have terry-cloth on the back so they’re super absorbent and easy to clean with.

I have two more sets of cloths done, but I’m still working on the quilts to go with them. I don’t have quite enough squares to piece them together. I guess that means I need to do a few more sewing projects.

My New Etsy Site

I have finally opened my new Etsy site. If you’re not familiar with etsy it’s an online site where individuals can sell vintage items and/or handmade items made by themselves. You can rate the sellers once you purchase from them so it’s pretty easy to see if you’re purchasing from a reputable seller or not. I’ve made several purchases off of this site and never had any trouble at all. Most people are happy to make a sale and want a good rating so they can make more sales so they’re going to make sure you’re happy.

I also have so much fun just browsing the site and looking at all the cool stuff people have made!

If you want to see what I’m selling without going to Etsy you can see it on my blog here.

I have a few more things planned that I haven’t posted yet, some hairbows for little girls, bibs, burp cloths, baby quilts, and more! I’ll be posting updates as I get those finished and for sale.

Red and Black Dress

I absolutely LOVED this bubble skirt dress pattern!

It’s McCall’s M6271. You can do it long or short, and there’s also shorts to go under the short dress version.

I made the longer version since my little girl refuses to wear shorts.

And it’s adorable! I’ve tried out several bubble skirt dress patterns and this is the first one that I’ve liked. I think because this pattern has LOTS of fabric in the skirt so it’s nice and poofy. Guaranteed to make my little princess happy!

More Pictures from Sweet Booties!

More pictures of projects from my Sweet Booties! book. My sister made these baby boots when she was in town the other week. We had so much fun sewing together!

I never would have paired the red leather and yellow lining together but she did, and I think they look great now that I see them together! It’s so much fun to watch someone else combine fabrics in ways I never would!

And of course, her hat. This was actually a baby pattern but we added a few inches and made a hat for her. It’s such an easy pattern to make (just a couple of circles) and very easy to alter. I’ll have to make it the right size for my baby. The baby pattern has an attached chin strap – which we obviously removed for an adult.

Baby Shoes

Two pairs of baby shoes from my new Sweet Booties! book.

This book has the cutest baby things in it! Booties, bibs, hats, bloomers, etc.

My sister made a really cute pair of red and yellow baby boots at the same time as I was working on these. As soon as I get a picture from her I’ll post it.

These on the left I did a blanket stitch around the opening and then ran the ribbon through when the shoes were done.

The sizing was a tad smaller than I expected so unfortunately these shoes don’t fit my baby so I’ll either save them for a shower gift, for future children, or sell them on my Etsy shop when I start it up the end of this year. I’m sure my baby doesn’t mind, she doesn’t even like socks!

I love these Mary Jane’s! I used some leather on the outside and some animal print fabric I had left over from a poodle skirt I did a while back. The pattern called for a button but I used velcro and I really like it. Trying to do buttons on a kicking baby just doesn’t sound like fun.

Princess Dress

My latest dress for my little girl. She loves dresses so I’ve just started getting her only dresses since that’s all she wears. I have a drawer full of cute play clothes that have never gotten worn. Oh well, maybe the baby will like them when she’s bigger!

The pattern didn’t call for a bow in the back but the ribbon was just so cute I had to add it! And, what you can’t see in the picture is the underskirt with tulle to make the dress fuller.

One thing about this pattern, there’s buttons in the back and I’ve never seen a skirt with buttons constructed quite this way. I think it had to do with the underskirt but I found it a little confusing. I ended up reading the instructions 4 times before I fully understood it.

Camouflage Dress

Here’s my latest creation. A pink camouflage dress for my little girl. I was nervous about working with a knit since I have trouble with them stretching on me but this fabric worked great and it’s so comfortable!

I have a shirt cut out for myself out of this and I’m looking forward to getting it put together so I can wear it!

This was from McCall’s #6315 pattern. I added the pink lace at the neck and hem, but other than that I followed the pattern. There’s no zipper or button so this is a really easy and fast pattern. I put it together in under 2 hours.