I’m a work-from-home mom with 3 little kids. I like blogging about what I’m doing and things I love.

I love to bake and cook, and I love teaching my kids. We have lots of fun in my kitchen! No recipe is too hard. Unless, of course, it takes like an hour of active work, and then, I just don’t have time for that! I am an experience cook, so I can make pretty much anything with a recipe, but I prefer simple recipes that the kids can help with. And I like recipes that don’t take a ton of time, because if I’m stirring something on the stove for an hour, my house looks like a disaster when I’m done.

I enjoy trying out new recipes, new cooking products, and creating my own recipes.

I love sewing, needlepoint, crochet, and knitting. I recently bought my first hot glue gun – I know, how do I craft without it? – so look out world, there’s no telling what I’ll be getting myself into now!

I also enjoy crafting with my kids – these days it’s mostly coloring and painting but we’ll be to more advanced crafts soon enough!

I’m always working on a cute outfit or two for the girls, the little boy is more challenging, because, well, there’s not a lot of cute outfits for boys. But I have managed to turn out some cute outfits the last two Easters.

Heading into year 3. I have a 2nd grader and K4 this year. We’ve joined a Classical Conversation Co-Op and I’m Tutoring a class full of 7yr old boys this year. I think I’m excited, ask me in January. This will be a fun year, and hopefully the girls will make some new friends.

Also, I was homeschooled as a kid, and loved it. So I’m finding that I started homeschooling my kids with somewhat of an advantage over other moms. I already know what curriculums I like! And I’ve received tons of helpful items from my mom. Like reading books, flash cards, posters, etc. This has helped out the school budget so much!

Product Reviews
It’s just so much fun to try and review new products! I usually review one product a week. Sometimes more if I have more than one product that has to get done in the same week.

I tend to review a lot of beauty products, and when I get the chance, I like to review cooking supplies, foods, toys, kid’s supplies, electronics, books, movies, household items, and clothing.

I also host the occasional giveaway, those are always fun, I love e-mailing the winner and letting them know they won, because that’s always sure to make someone happy.

Use the form below to e-mail me if you’re interested in having me review a product, host a giveaway, write a sponsored post, or work together some other way.