Makeup/Accessories Subscription Box Review

Mint Mongoose

I was sent this cute jewelry subscription box to review. And I was definitely pleased with how fun the jewelry is. For a $16 monthly subscription, you receive 3 matching pieces of jewelry. I love how the jewelry could be worn alone or together. The sealed envelope and little candy were such a nice touch!

Each jewelry set comes with a postcard that tells a story behind the inspiration to create these pieces. You choose if you want silver, gold, or rose gold. And you can opt out of earrings if you don’t want them.

Want a little more? You can get their Mint Mongoose Black subscription for $23 a month. It comes with 4 pieces of jewelry and 2 accessories each month.

So much fun!

My Little Mascara Club

A subscription for mascara? I was skeptical at first, but, being as I was offered a free box to review, I thought I would give it a try. They sent me their starter set. Which is currently $21 (discounted from $31).

The mascara works well for me – I’m a little picky about my mascara, and this one worked great. What I really love though, is the micellar water and the erase pads. These made getting my mascara off actually possible. Erasing one of my pet peeves about wearing mascara!

You can choose 30, 45, 60, or 90 days frequency, depending on how much you use or like to replace your mascara. After your first order, you’ll receive mascara only for $21 at your subscription frequency. Super convenient!


Ipsy is a monthly makeup and beauty supply subscription box. They have 3 sizes, Glam Bag, Glam Bag Plus, and Glam Bag Ultimate. Bags are $12, $25, and $50 a month, respectively. One interesting thing about this subscription is that in order to subscribe to the larger bags, you have to also subscribe to the bags below it.

Glam Bag contains 5 deluxe size samples. Glam Bag Plus contains 5 full size products. Glam Bag ultimate contains 8 full size products and 4 deluxe size samples.

You do get the option to customize your bag each month. I get both the Glam Bag and the Glam Bag Plus and it’s plenty of cosmetics for the month. If I don’t like something, my girls are usually happy to take it. And if I’m feeling like I have too much, I just pause my subscription for a month or two.

This subscription is just a fun way to treat myself every month. Check it out here!

Fab Fit Fun

I love this box! This is a quarterly subscription box. And at $55 a box is an amazing deal! Full price, my fall box would have cost me almost $500. This box has beauty supplies, but it also has home items and clothing.

I got this awesome blue and white poncho in my summer box and have absolutely loved it! That thing itself was probably worth $55 to me! My fall box is on it’s way and I just can’t wait! It has a super cute throw, kitchen canisters, a curling iron, adorable hair clips, and a few other items.

You do get to customize and because I’m getting so many beauty items in my ipsy box, I tend to pick accessories instead of beauty products when I customize.

Get $10 off your first box with my link.

Summer Products Reviews

I was sent a Littles Tick and Bug repellent for free to review.

I tested this product alongside my usual bug repellent. My husband wore the usual and I tried out the Littles Tick and Bug repellent.

Most of the areas we frequent are sprayed for mosquitos, so no surprises there, neither one of us saw any mosquitos.

This time of year, there are a ton of so see ums. And that’s what I was mainly interested in keeping away. They get especially bad around the 2yr old. He still has that fine baby hair and they love it!

In what I would consider normal situations, the littles tick and bug repellent worked for no see ups. The one issue I had was I had to reapply it every 30 minutes. So, I feel like it’s affects didn’t last that long. Of course, in contrast, the bug repellent my husband was wearing didn’t stop the no see ums at all. Littles Tick and Bug Repellent still worked pretty well until later in the day when the no see ums come out in force.

At that point, I’m really not sure that there’s anything that’s going to stop those bugs. They just kind of swarm around and are generally irritating. Littles Tick and Bug Repellent definitely held them off a bit, but couldn’t prevent them entirely because there was just so many of them.

I’m just happy that it works better than my usual bug repellent and that it keeps the no see ums away for the majority of the day!

It does have a fairly strong smell, my son loves the smell and the girls don’t particularly like it – but I mean, if it doesn’t smell like watermelon the girls are suspicious about it. It’s not an unpleasant smell, but you definitely know that you have bug repellent on!

Check out for more information and products! They have a whole line of high quality skin friendly products for the entire family!

I received a container of Mother’s Healing Balm free for purposes of my review.

This is an anti-itch, moisturizing, first aid balm. So, needless to say, I was curious, and excited to try it! I mean, we’re entering into summer here and the amount of bug bites, scratches, and dry skin just increases with the warmer weather.

I don’t want to hold anyone back from being outside but it’s also important to take care of our skin. So, I gave it a try.

First thing I discovered, this is a first aid balm. Not lotion. My hands were dry from washing dishes so I tried this out as a hand cream. It’s too oily, and after 15 minutes I had to wash it off (even after trying really hard to rub it in). So, this isn’t a lotion. It’s more for scratches and bug bites, you know, smaller areas where it’s ok to put them balm on and let it set for a while.

Second thing, it really don’t have an odor. Yay! You can smell it a little bit when you open the jar – but it smells good. But on you, the amount is so small, you can’t smell it at all. I love it when things don’t have added scents!

And, Finally, I did eventually try it out on some scratches and it does help to moisturize and in general keep the scab from drying out just like my usual first aid ointment. So, I would say it’s a great product to have on hand for all the little scratches and bumps the kids get throughout the summer!

Want some for yourself? You can purchase it here on Amazon!

Dr. Plotka’s Toothbrushes – I was sent these toothbrushes to review and somehow they got lost in the mail. I’m hoping that whomever received them is getting good use out of them! These look like great toothbrushes!

  • Naturally Antimicrobial* Bristles – Embedded silver naturally eliminates 99.9% of bacteria that grows on the bristles between brushing sessions.
  • Flossing Bristles™ – Dual-layered bristle structure provides superior cleaning: the longer, thinner bristles – thin as a human hair – reach deep into grooves, under the gumline and between teeth to brush away food and plaque other brushes miss while the thicker bristles ensure complete cleaning of gum and teeth.
  • Soft Long-Lasting Polyester Bristles – Get up to one extra month of use thanks to polyester bristles which bend better than the nylon bristles found in most other brushes on the market! (The ADA recommends changing your toothbrush every 3 months. Doctor Plotka’s brush will last about 4!)
  • Dentist Developed – Dr. Ronald Plotka designed this innovative toothbrush as part of his thriving 40+ year Boston-based dental practice.

These look terrific for kids and adults! Check them out on their website here.

Katari Beauty – Review

Katari Beauty sent me 2 beauty products to review. Hoba Oil and Rosewater.

I’m kind of a skincare enthusiast. I love trying new products and rarely stick with the same brand for long. And these days, I’m super excited about all the great new products that are out there. I just need to try them all!

Katari Beauty – Mediterranean is a simple-ingredient skincare routine. There are 2 products. Hoba Oil and Rosewater. For moisturizing and toning.

  1. I wash my face with water. This is my preferred cleansing routine as many facial cleansers tend to dry out my skin.
  2. The Hoba Oil is 100% pure JOJOBA OIL – it’s a natural primer, moisturizer, hair, beard & scalp conditioner. And perfect for sensitive skin. While I don’t necessarily have sensitive skin, I prefer to use products that are gentle on my skin because harsh products do tend to irritate. I just put some on my fingers and rub it in on my face. Since this is an oil, it tends to drip a little so I always have a tad left on my hands that I just rub in – because my hands need moisturizing too.
  3. The Rosweater spray (Roseau) comes in a spray bottle. After rubbing in the Hoba oil, I just add 2 sprays of this to my face. It is 100% pure Rose Water (vapor-distilled rose petal hydrosol), perfect for all skin types. As an added plus, I absolutely LOVE the smell of Rose Water, making this the perfect finish to my facial care routine. Not only is is good for my skin, it smells amazing!

I am loving how simple this routine is and how simple the ingredients are. They’re high quality facial products without a bunch of added ingredients. And after almost 2 weeks of using them, my facial skin is holding up well to the cold winter that we’re having.

Want to check these out for yourself? Head to their website: Katari Beauty and use code 50offcleanbeauty for 50% off your purchase!

Rituals – Gift of Relaxation – Review

I received this awesome Rituals box from Tryazon for free to review, all opinions are my own.

I got to pick the type of box that I received and I requested the Rituals of Relaxation box, because I usually love the relaxation scents! And, with 4 kids, relaxing isn’t something that I get to do often.

I was super excited when my box arrived. It was in this very pretty green box (which I’m saving for wrapping someone’s Christmas present this year and was overall just exciting to open!

You can purchase the 4-Pc. The Ritual Of Dao Calming Ritual Gift Set here.

I had to open and smell everything as soon as I received it! It smelled so good! And because my bedroom is green, it even matches all my decor!

The hand wash is now on my sink counter and my bathroom smells so good every time I wash my hands. The foaming wash smells amazing! And the body scrub is perfect! It smells great, and the scrub texture is fine and consistent so it’s quite relaxing to use.

And then I stuck the lotion in my purse for when I’m out and about on these nippy fall days and just want a little moisture and a great smelling lotion.

Honestly, I love everything about this set! It’s high quality and smells great. They have many other scents and I love to give personal products as Christmas Gifts, so a few of these are going on my Christmas Shopping list as well!

Studex Earrings Review

I received this product free for purposes of my review. All opinions are my own.

About Studex

Founded in 1976 in Los Angeles, Studex has driven innovation with state-of-the-art ear piercing systems as well as creating allergy-free fashion earrings for over 40 years. Studex continues to be the undisputed world’s leader and largest manufacturer of ear piercing instruments, earring studs, and piercing after care products, with all products made in the USA. We are the primary distributor of ear-piercing equipment and earrings to the World’s leading piercing retailers.

Studex is uncompromising in commitment to quality and service, exceeding USA FDA regulations and EC (Euro) standards. With 40+ Studex-owned offices worldwide, Studex strives to provide consumers world-wide with products that are fashionable and on-trend, while offering safety and quality.

Studex Sensitive Earrings: Fashion Earrings – For Sensitive Ears/Metal Allergies
-Allergy Free (hypoallergenic)
-Sterilized and sealed packaging
-Medical Grade, Surgical Stainless Steel
-24K Gold Plated (Gold Styles)
-FDA Compliant Manufacturing and Sterilization Process
-Lifetime Guarantee and Made in USA
-Over 60 different styles to choose from

Tiny Tips Earrings: Fashion Earrings for babies and lil’ kids
-The perfect size for “lil ears”
-Allergy Free (hypoallergenic)
-Sterilized and sealed packaging
-Medical Grade, Surgical Stainless Steel
-FDA Compliant Manufacturing and Sterilization Process
-Lifetime Guarantee and Made in USA
-Over 40 different styles to choose from

20180427_171650My Problem

I have sensitive ears. My 9 year old has sensitive ears. I mean, really sensitive. There are literally no stud earrings that I can wear, and my 9 year old is the same way. We both love earrings, but finding a pair that works is so hard! I usually wear hoops or dangly because it’s so hard to find a stud earring that doesn’t irritate my ears. Which I must add, is also super inconvenient. I have a 8 month old who loves to grab earrings. I’d rather not be wearing hoops right now. But what choice do I have?

I used to purchase nickel free when I was a kid and they worked great, but when my daughter got her ears pierced a year ago I discovered that these aren’t made anymore – they may be calling them sensitive solutions now, but the metal is definitely different because while my old nickel free earrings still work for me the new sensitive solutions do not. Within hours my ears will be irritated. It’s so frustrating!

I’ve purchased sensitive solutions earrings from just about every store, I’ve even purchased sterling silver from multiple stores. It’s not like I’m not trying. I’ve just run out of options.

So, needless to say, me and my 9yr old were super excited to try out these Studex earrings.

20180427_171628The Results

Studex is designed for ears like mine. So I was so excited to try them. I mean, if they can make an earring that doesn’t irritate my ears or my child’s ears, I’ll be a fan for life. Because I can’t find this anywhere.

They sent me these cute sparkly butterfly tiny tips for my daughter and these Studex Stainless Cubic Zirconia Sensitive Earring Studs for me. So we decided to put them to the ultimate test. We both cleaned our ears with the Studex after piercing lotion (which I should add does not sting like rubbing alcohol does) and then put in our earrings.

We’ve both been wearing our new earrings for a week with absolutely no irritation. No itching, no redness, no irritation. It’s awesome. Studex has lots of super cute earrings. While I don’t see a way to order them directly from their website they sell them on Amazon. Most of the pairs I see are about $15. Super Affordable! My 9 yr old has been begging for birthstone earrings, and I see that Studex has them. I know at least one thing she’s going to be getting for her Birthday. I mean, affordable, birthstone earrings that won’t irritate her ears. It’s everything I’ve ever dreamed of in an earring!

I’m super excited – of course I think my 9yr old is more excited – to find an earring that we can both actually wear!

Checkout the Studex Giveaway!

Dr. Rogers Restore – Review

This is a sponsored post.


Dr. Rogers Restore is a petroleum-free ointment that can be used as an alternative to neosporin, vaseline, and such. Designed by a mom who wanted something better for her kids. This is an all-purpose ointment designed for dry, damaged skin, lips and nails. Other uses incude razor rash, diaper rash, chafing, wound care (for small cuts), scrapes, abrasions, insect bites, stings, chapped lips, callouses, etc. Basically, all the stuff I use neosporin and vaseline for.


Free of petroleum, lanolin, parabens, phthalates, sulfates, fragrance and common allergens. Dr. Rogers is made with all plant-based ingredients.

First, I tried Dr. Rogers out on my cuticles. Our spring has arrived by kicking off with 80 degree weather, then cooling down to 60 degrees and then back up again. This constant temperature not only has us all wondering what to wear each day, but it dries out my hands and I notice it first on my cuticles. So for a couple of days I just put a little bit right on my cuticles where my nails were feeling extra dry.

Dr. Rogers doesn’t smell like anything – in that it has no smell that I can tell. It’s basically a clear ointment, so, I was a bit skeptical that it was actually going to do anything for me.

I used it for two days – twice a day – and my cuticles are no longer dried out. So, it definitely worked.


Of course, since I’m trying out this cool new product, the kids had to get in on it. I suggested that they try it out on a scratch and see if it helped – usually we use neosporin. Or the girls could try it out where their flip-flops were rubbing their foot – which I use vaseline for. All the kids managed to find a scratch or irritation of some sort to try this out on. I’m sure they invented a few “injuries” as well because that was a good way to get to use more!

My oldest girl and my son both have skin that’s sensitive to scents and dyes so I’m very careful with what I let them try out. Of course, this stuff seemed pretty good, after I had tried it, so I let them use it how they wanted.


I didn’t notice any real difference is result between using Dr. Rogers or my usual products. They basically seem to work the same. And since this product is supposed to be a replacement for similar petroleum- based products I would say that it works as advertised.

It did not irritate my childrens’ skin, it’s easy to apply, and it did what I expected it to do. Plus it’s plant based instead of petroleum based. In my opinion, a great product.


Divatress Bobbi Boss Wigs

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine.

Ever wanted to change your hair, but don’t want it to be permanent? I know I have! I love to play with my hair, but my hubby isn’t so thrilled with it. To be honest, I’m dying to try out that whole bright splash of color that people are doing in their hair these days – you know, the stripe of hot pink, or turning all my ends blue. I’m just not certain I’ll like it and haven’t tried it because I hate to do something so permanent and then decide it’s no good. And you know what’s worse than doing something I don’t like to my hair? Waiting for it to grow out…

I’ve been checking out these Bobbi Boss wigs, and they’re pretty awesome. They would definitely give me a chance to try out a new hair color without it being permanent. Bobbi Boss is an e-commerce site that carries wigs, haircare, and beauty products. I’m having fun browsing their hundreds of wigs. So much fun, in fact, it’s hard to decide what wig I would try out first!

Like this long wig, I could try out those blue colors that I’ve been dying to try. Without actually dying my hair!

Oh, and I’m loving this red hair. This would be so fun to wear for an extra pop of color!

I realize colors aren’t for everyone. They have regular hair colors as well. This Bob is super cute! And would give me the chance to go shorter without actually cutting my hair. They have a great selection of short wigs.

All of these hair styles have different shades available so you can go really different or get something that’s pretty close to your natural hair color. You could easily make it look like you cut your hair or dyed it when you haven’t actually done anything to your hair at all.

They have long wigs, short wigs, and all sorts of colors for each style. Hundreds of Women’s wigs. They also sell all the wig accessories you’ll need to make your wig wearing a success. It’s like the warehouse of wigs! Just online, so you don’t ever have to leave your home. Or if you’re like me, you can shop for wigs without your children trying them all on… Let’s just say that I’m really enjoying shopping Bobbi Boss online!


Boutique & Beauty Bar: Recipe for a Unique Shopping Experience

There’s always a risk when you create something new. Will people like it? Will it succeed? Will it be worth it?

When Madonna and Co. re-launched in Mid-town East Side, (bordering on the Upper-East Side) from our former location in Soho, we emerged as a different entity, incorporating what made us great in the past, but with new additions. We were more.

In addition to our new location on 60th street, we opened a full service salon and beauty bar within the store, bringing to a life a completely unique shopping experience.

Fashion and Beauty: An Innovative Convergence

The inclusion of the beauty bar inside our boutique converged the worlds of fashion and beauty in a way that’s never been done. For the first time, women have the opportunity to receive comprehensive beautification in a one-stop shop.

Bringing together fashion and beauty as we have done was not without risk, but innovation always involves a leap of faith. New creations don’t arise from the ether. Innovation comes as the result of unique combinations, whether it be a boutique and a beauty bar, our designs and exclusive designer capsule collections, or glam and chic, etc. Creating one-of-a-kind experiences from unique combinations is what Madonna & Co. has always done.

Our willingness to break barriers and defy categorization is what makes our selection of fashion and accessories so vibrant and original. All of the clothing in our store has been designed and hand picked from collections around the world. By dealing with the designer themselves and direct with our factories, we are able to offer luxury items at affordable prices.

The vast selection of unique affordable clothing featured in our shop is what makes us the best NYC boutique operating today. By shopping at Madonna & Co., you receive the peace of mind in knowing that you’ll never cross paths with someone wearing the same outfit; one-of-a-kind, wearable and affordable clothes for independent woman is what we do.


Community of Independent Women

While the ability to get a full-service haircut, styling, and complete makeup treatment in the same place where you find all of your exclusive designs and luxury clothing is extremely convenient, the impetus behind opening the beauty bar had more to do with community than convenience.

We wanted to create a space where independent women from all walks of life and ages could come together to shop, socialize, and express their femininity. We imagined a world where the social aspects of a salon coalesced with the activity of shopping. Our love of fashion and beauty led us to invent a world that unites these spheres and offers women a place to have fun and engage in a dialogue about fashion and style.

At Madonna & Co. we believe in creating a personal style. We see it as our job to assist women in crafting their own individual aesthetic. Every woman that walks through our doors is a unique assemblage of beliefs, values, and traits. Her aesthetic preferences are a function of her entire worldview and identity.

Creating the perfect outfit involves a translation of sorts. Our aim is to help the women who shops in our store translate their core identity into an aesthetic that embodies and represents who they really are and how they feel. Every woman who comes into our store receives a unique treatment that results in a unique style – whether her preferences lean towards glam, chic, posh, or edgy.

The beauty bar allows us to take the crafting of a unique style one step further. In addition to helping women find their dream new fashions, our stylists bring years of experience and knowledge to the table, assisting women realize their dream hairstyle!

We offer every customer a free consultation at the salon and beauty bar before her first appointment. This consultation gives us the chance to learn about what the specific customer likes about her hair or makeup styling and what she’d like to change. Our stylists and make-up artists will then present some possible ways to enhance the aspects of her appearance that the customer would like to shake up.

While our head stylist is an expert in all types of hair, her specialty is curly hair and we call her “The Curly Hair Expert.” Our custom line of No Frizz Miracle Gel – designed specifically for curly hair – mirrors this focus.


Come Join our Community

What are you waiting for? Come join in on the fun! Today’s the perfect day to unleash the beauty within you and find that perfect outfit you’ve been longing for.

Booking an appointment at the salon and beauty bar can be done either by phone or via or on our new on-line store, for your convenience.

We also provide off-site makeup & hair services as well and can help you plan the perfect party or host all kinds of events in our luxurious boutique, including bridal/baby showers, fashion product launches, etc.

So come on down today and introduce yourself!

This is a Sponsored Post.

Valentia Night Revive Retinol Serum – Review


I received this product free for purposes of my review. All opinions are my own.

It’s just so much fun that the Valentia brand is named after The Roman Goddess of healing, Valentia. She relied on nature’s gifts to heal the citizens of Umbria. And that is what Valentia does as well. Valentia Skin Care products have been formulated with natural and organic cosmetic ingredients that will repair and protect the skin. Their products are free of toxins and paraben-free.

And they work great for me. I have tried several Valentia products and every one of them has been wonderful. Both gentle on my skin and effective. The perfect combination in facial products.

This time I got to try Valentia’s Night Revive Retinol Serum. A transformative retinol serum that fights wrinkles and provides hydration, for visibly smoother, rejuvenated skin.

This Retinol Serum Will:
– Diminishes wrinkles
– Stimulates collagen
– Improves skin tone
– Manages breakouts
– Conditions skin

Specially selected ingredients work together to achieve optimum results.


– Retinol (Vitamin A): Works at the cellular level to stop winkles, manage breakouts, and evens out skin discoloration.

– Vitamin C: Guards skin against environmental free-radicals to prevent premature aging.

– Vitamin E: Provides intense hydration to diminish the drying effects of retinol.

– Squalane: Derived for pure olive oil to soften and condition delicate skin.



As with all Retinol Serums, you don’t want to use it every day. I did this without thinking with this serum and used it 3 days in a row, the 3rd day my skin was just a tad irritated. Nothing terrible, but then I remembered reading on the bottle that I probably only wanted to use this a few times a week or every other day at the most. I dropped back to every 3 days and the results are way better – and non-irritating.

I use it in the evening before applying my nighttime moisturizer. It helps my skin absorb my moisturizer better for softer and more moisturized skin. Just don’t use it every day.

This is another great product from Valentia!

Purchase some for yourself at Amazon or from

Follow Valentia’s Instagram and Facebook for product updates and beauty tips.

Vibrance Healthy Hair Vitamins – Review & Discount

I received this product free for purposes of my review. All opinions are my own.


I just love beauty products! I love trying out new nail polishes, new hair styles, and new makeup! What’s even more important than having fun with my beauty products is maintaining healthy nails, healthy hair, and healthy skin.


These Vibrance healthy hair vitamins are designed to help me maintain healthy hair. Because styling my hair is no fun if I’m fighting with hair that just isn’t in good shape.

Each soft capsule is packed with 23 vitamins, minerals, and herbs, including Biotin and OptiMSM®, that revitalize your hair from the inside. These nourishing ingredients support the growth of thicker, longer, and stronger hair.

Vibrance products are made in the USA without any extra fillers, binders or junk. They use only the purest and most potent natural ingredients. And they’re gluten, wheat, and dairy free!


Plus they have a 90 day guarantee. You can purchase these vitamins at their online store or at


And, they have a special promo on their vitamins. You can get a bottle for just $5! Check out their giveaway here, and try these out yourself.



Side note: Capsules use fresh and natural ingredients, and may have a “smell”. They recommend airing out the bottle for a few seconds for the smell to go away. I’m glad I knew this when I first opened my bottle, because it did not smell good! After leaving it open for a minute or two it was fine though.

Also, if you don’t like taking pills the contents of the capsule can be opened and put into a smoothie! I don’t really drink smoothies so I haven’t actually tried this, but it sounds like a great idea for if you’re not wanting to swallow a capsule.

My hair is pretty good and I was already using a vitamin with biotin before this, so I wasn’t expecting dramatic results. They say to try it for 30 days to see results, I’ve been using it for about 20 days now and haven’t really noticed a difference in my hair, which means that it’s definitely as good as the product I was using previously.

My hair is still soft, shiny, and strong. It’s ready to go for any way I want to style it!

What I really like about this product is that it’s made in the USA and it doesn’t have extra fillers or binders. I’m pretty sure my previous vitamins have fillers and binders and gluten. With Vibrance I don’t get any of these, and I still get the benefit of great hair! And it’s quite nice to know more about the vitamins that I’m taking.


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