Plant Powered “Non-Prescriptions” for Eczema, Psoriasis, and Scalp Issues


Thanks to derma e, I received all of these product for free for purposes of my review.

If you’re living with eczema or psoriasis, you know how painful, frustrating, and even embarrassing it can be. Recurring patches of dry, red, itchy, flaky, irritated skin can make you want to hide.

You may have turned to prescription treatments or over-the-counter products only to be dissatisfied with the results, or the fact that they contain ingredients like steroids, coal tars or pine tars. The good news is that derma e has formulated something incredibly effective, and so safe that the entire family could use it.

derma e Psorzema® Crème is made with a safe and effective blend of herbal extracts and skin vitamins such as Neem, Burdock, Bearberry, Vitamins A and E to help soften and soothe dry, irritated, scaling skin. It’s natural blend of ingredients help reduce redness and encourage healthy looking skin without the use of steroids, coal tar or pine tar.

Family owned and operated for over 30 years, derma e has pioneered the development of vitamin-rich, high-performance antioxidant skincare solutions. The award-winning line features doctor-developed, consumer-tested and clinically-tested face care, body care and treatment products that are free of parabens, phthalates, mineral oil and petrolatum. Every formula is cruelty-free, gluten-free and 100 percent vegan. Manufacturing and operations are offset 100 percent by wind power. derma e can be found in over 16,500 retail outlets across the U.S. such as Whole Foods Markets, ULTA Beauty, CVS and more!


My kids have sensitive skin. My oldest is sensitive to scents and dyes so we were already using the free and clear laundry products by the time my little guy came along. He’s sensitive too, but since I’ve already cut most scents and dyes out of the kids skincare sensitivity wasn’t my problem with him.

Dry skin was a problem. Not all over, but little patches of dry skin around his knees, elbows, and legs. And dandruff in his hair. At his 1yr checkup my dr suggested that I use cortizone on him for a week to clear up his dry skin. It did a great job of clearing up his skin problem, but I truly hate using something with a steroid in it every month or so on my child’s skin. It just can’t be good for him. I’m supposed to use an anti dandruff shampoo on him as well but I can’t stand the smell of it and it really stings his eyes if the soap gets in his eyes when I’m rinsing his hair – and, there’s no 100% effective method for keeping all soap out of a wiggly toddler’s face when you’re washing his hair. So, I’m constantly on the lookout for safer products for my child.

I was super excited to try out this new Psorzema Creme. Something to help my child’s skin that doesn’t have steroids in it. Plus it’s natural, gentle, dye and scent free, and affordable. At $20 for a 4oz container on their website, it’s worth it to keep my child’s skin moisturized without steroids.

I got to try out the Scalp Relief Shampoo and Conditioner, the Body Wash, and the Psorzema Creme. I’m so pleased with all of these products! The Scalp Relief shampoo and conditioner really did help my child’s dandruff – and without the nasty smell of the anti-dandruff shampoos. The body wash was gentle and non-irritating to his skin. And best of all, the Psorzema Creme is just wonderful. It hydrated and softened his skin and all those little dry spots, that appear every time the seasons change, were gone after just a couple days of using the Creme. I couldn’t be happier.

I was already starting my annual spring hunt for a product that will keep his skin moisturized all summer. Because, once summer arrives and we’re swimming or in the sprinkler most days, it’s next to impossible to catch up if his skin gets too dry. I’ve found what I was looking for! The Psorzema Creme is so perfect for his skin, and it moisturizes so quickly and effectively, I’m going to be able to easily keep his skin moisturized all summer long. And I’ll definitely be purchasing more of this once my free product runs out.


If you suffer with Eczema or Psoriasis, or just have dry or irritate skin, this is an awesome product that is really working well for my family.

Free sample!
As a special bonus for my readers. derma e is giving away samples of their Psorzema Creme to the first 10 readers who request a sample. You can go to their form here and request your free sample. And after you’ve tried it, I’d love to here in the comments what you think!

I received this product free for purposes of my review. All opinions are my own.

MAKE Beauty Lipstick & Eyeshadow Review


MAKE Beauty has some awesome new lipstick and eyeshadows, and I got to try sample sizes of their new Silk Cream Lipstick, Taffy and their Matte Finish Eyeshadow, Alabaster.

Silk Cream Lipstick, Taffy
Vivid, saturated color that does double duty as a protective moisturizing treatment with antioxidant vitamins, rosehip, soybean and safflower oils. Aloe and chamomile extracts further condition lips. Feather-resistant and intensely pigmented in true-wear shades.

This lipstick actually did not dry my lips out like most lipsticks do. And I just love the neutral Taffy color for spring. I can still wear makeup and look natural at the same time.

Matte Finish Eyeshadow, Alabaster
Turn heads with this stunning, intensely pigmented shadow in an array of blendable shades. The velvety matte powder goes on smoothly with a crease-resistant, oil-free formula that looks fresh for hours after you’ve applied it. Vitamins C and E help to provide antioxidant protection for the delicate eye area. Apply dry or wet for a more intense finish.

The sample I was sent was also a very neutral shade. It smoothed my eyelid, and it blends so well with my skin that you can’t even tell that I’m wearing eye shadow. My skin just looks really clear and smooth. And when I’m going for an all natural look this is perfect.

To check out MAKE beauty’s other amazing products go to their website, And use coupon code MAKEYOURSELF for 20% off your entire order. Coupon expires May 31, 2016.

I received this product free for purposes of my review. All opinions are my own.

Valentia Clear Lift Revitalizing Serum – Review


Valentia Clear Lift Revitalizing Serum – A potent and luxurious lactic acid serum that supports natural circulation for an all over youthful and refreshed complexion.

This Revitalizing Serum Will:
– Renew texture & tone
– Deeply moisturize
– Minimize fine lines
– Increase elasticity
– Brighten & Plumbs Fine Lines
– Evens Hyperpigmentation

All Valentia products are made with Natural & Organic Ingredients. They are specially selected to work together to achieve optimum results.


– Wakame Bioferment (Seaweed): Increases skin oxygen consumption to detoxify and boost antioxidant defense.

– Gotu Kola: Lessens the appearance of scars and increases skin firmness.

– Lactic Acid: A natural Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) that increases skin cell turnover, for healthier renewed skin.

– Licorice: Lightens unwanted pigmentation and corrects skin discoloration.

– Argan Oil: Naturally rich in Vitamin E, this oil reduced water loss and protects skin’s resiliency and elasticity.


I followed the directions and applied this product in the evening.

  1. Wash and dry face
  2. Apply Serum
  3. Let serum dry (doesn’t take long)
  4. Use your favorite nighttime creme or lotion

Super easy. This serum does a great job of toning and moisturizing my face. And applying it right before my moisturizer helps my skin absorb more moisture.

Some nighttime products leave my skin feeling greasy in the morning, but this Valentia Clear Lift Revitalizing Serum was not a problem. In fact, my skin feels more moisturized and less greasy when I use this with my favorite nighttime moisturizer than it does if I use just the moisturizer without this serum.

The bottle has a pump that is easy to use and I love how the bottle is just the right size for storing in my bathroom cabinet.

I also love that this product is cruelty free, made in the USA, and includes organic and natural ingredients. Makes me feel like I’m doing something good for my skin.

Check out more Valentia products on their website, and follow them on Instagram and Facebook for updates and tips.

I received this product free for purposes of my review. All opinions are my own.

Miracle Hair Gel for Curly Hair


I received a free 1oz bottle of Madonna & Co. new Miracle Hair Gel for curly hair to review on my blog.

Me and my 5yr old have wavy hair that is very frizz prone. Especially in the spring and summer when it’s humid out. The frizz just gets out of control. I’m always looking for something that helps control frizz without weighing my hair down.

Most hair gels are just downright sticky, and while helping with the frizz, they leave my hair stiff and hard to work with.

I tried this gel out on both me and my 5yr old, and it’s awesome. It did a great job of controlling frizz, enhancing my natural wave, and wasn’t sticky. My hair was still soft and light after it dried.

After washing your hair, just use a small amount, work it up from the ends, scrunch, and let dry. I love the way my hair looks after using the Miracle Hair Gel.

You can purchase this on their website Madonna & CO. It’s only $8 for a 2oz bottle.

0iTlFpwiSMG7xJsRcxFu_Banner Design Final Files copy

And, if you live in New York. They have a Beauty Bar that you can purchase products from, get makeup, hair, and fashion tips, or just go and be pampered.

At Madonna & Co (M&C) you’ll discover exclusive designs, designer capsule collections, and exciting mixes of fabrics. Everything is easy to wear, yet sophisticated, feminine, but inspired by the art of edgy fashion details. I don’t live in NY, but I was browsing fashions on their website, and they’re so feminine and comfortable looking!

For the ultimate beauty experience, don’t forget to stop by their Beauty Bar. They believe that gorgeous hair and flawless makeup is essential to complete any look. For this reason, they strive to provide a plethora of beauty services that will help you look your best no matter the occasion.

They offer a variety of hair treatments and will work with all types & textures, with a specialty in Curly Hair!

They also provide makeup lessons and trials, off-site makeup & hair services, and can help you plan the perfect party or host all kinds of events in their luxurious boutique, including bridal/baby showers, fashion product launches, etc.

Madonna & Co thinks you are uniquely you and it’s all about attitude.

And you can’t afford not to look fabulous!

So come check out their unparalleled apparel collections, an assortment of fashion & real gem jewels & expressive accessories and treat yourself to a cut & style or a makeover all at the same place.

If you live in NY, you can Find them at:

202 East 60th Street
Midtown East off 3rd avenue
NYC, NY 10022

Hours: 11:00 am – 8:00 pm Monday – Saturday
12:00 pm – 7:00 pm Sunday

(212) 226-3363 or toll free: (888) 254-3447

If, like me, you don’t live close enough to stop in, drop by the Madonna & Co website and enjoy browsing their terrific fashions, makeup, and beauty products.

I received this product free for purposes of my review. All opinions are my own.

L’Oréal Paris Advanced Haircare Extraordinary Oil

Thanks to Influenster and L’Oreal for the L’Oréal Paris Advanced Haircare Extraordinary Oil set. I received their new shampoo, conditioner, and hair oil.

This stuff is amazing!

First of all, it smells so good! It has a rich scent that isn’t fruity or sweet. This is the perfect haircare scent for me. It smells great while I’m taking my shower and doesn’t last past that. Scent is quite important to me in a hair product. A great scent is just more relaxing and makes me feel like I’ve done a better job of caring for my hair.

The L’Oréal Paris Advanced Haircare Extraordinary Oil products have done a great job of cleaning, conditioning, and adding shine to my hair without weighing it down.

My only complaint with this product is that the shampoo does not lather as well as I would like. It takes a lot of scrubbing to get a good lather, so I end up having to shampoo twice just to feel like I got it all.

The shampoo and conditioner both rinse out well. I haven’t noticed any residue from either of these.

IMG_20160329_102109871I apply the oil on my damp hair after towel drying it. It makes my hair so soft and shiny and does not make my hair greasy or weighed down.

The oil is also awesome for my kid’s hair. One day my 7yr old accidentally used body wash instead of shampoo in the shower. She has really long hair and it was impossible to brush out. So, before I sent her back to the shower to re-shampoo and use LOTS of conditioner, I tried out the L’Oréal Paris Advanced Haircare Extraordinary Oil. And it was awesome! It added enough moisture and softening that her hair brushed right out, and stayed soft until her next shower.

L’Oreal has made a great hair product line and it’s working great with my hair! Thanks to L’Oreal I truly have more #ExtraordinaryHair days!

I received this product for free for purposes of my review. All opinions are my own.

Valentia Royal Rose Hydrating Serum – Review


Royal Rose Hydrating Serum – A lightweight serum that boosts moisture and resilience while soothing and calming the skin.

This Hydrating & Nourishing Serum Will:
– Deeply moisturize skin
– Provide antioxidant protection
– Soothe & nourish dry skin
– Smooth skin tone & texture
– Boost skin radiance

Specially selected ingredients work together to achieve optimum results.

– Rose Damascena: One of the most nourishing and skin friendly natural oils, providing balance, moisture, and a variety of vitamins and minerals to the skin.

– Niacinamide (Vitamin B): This potent vitamin has been clinically proven to fade away hyperpigmentation, sun spots, and acne..

– Rosehip Seed Oil: Naturally rich in Vitamins C & A, these essential fatty acids work quickly to lock in skin’s moisture.

– Evening Primrose Oil: Provides light, non-oily moisture to the skin, never clogging or irritating the skin.

– Bearberry: Reduces melanin production, thereby lightening the skin, revealing a brighter complexion.

– Lavender: Heals the skin, treating pimples, wounds, and sores.


Also Valentia products are Made in the USA, cruelty free, vegan friendly, sustainably produced, and contain organic and natural ingredients.

The first thing I noticed about this product was the aroma. It’s so rosy smelling! It reminds me of this rose lotion my Grandmother used to wear when I was a kid. It always smelled so good, and she would always share a little with me and then I would smell so good as well.

This product smells just like that, just not as strong, because the scent doesn’t really last after it’s rubbed in to your skin. I do love the scent though (it must be from the Rose Damascena) and it brings back happy memories every time I use it.

I also like that this product is made with organic and natural ingredients because then I don’t mind sharing with the kids when they want to try my stuff. My 5yr old tried this out the other day and her first comment was about how good it smells. She said she plans to use it every morning like me so she’ll smell good every day. It’s not just me that thinks that this product smells great!

So, now for how I actually use the product. I use it like the instructions recommend, as the first thing I put on after washing my face. After the Royal Rose Hydrating Serum I use my eye cream, moisturizer, and then makeup.

I love how refreshing it feels when I put it on and it does a great job of adding deeper hydration to my skin every morning. So my face is well hydrated, my skin is soft and smooth, and my complexion is clear. I do like this product for more than just the great scent.

I received this product free for purposes of my review. All opinions are my own.


Valentia Eye Cream and Mask – Review

zFzBeslzSGIaS0XgeKkU_Plumping Mask box front with logos

Valentia is a modern cosmetic brand that uses natural and organic ingredients in their products. Their products are made in the USA, cruelty free, and are vegan friendly. I don’t know about you, but when I’m using a product daily on my face it’s nice to know that it’s made of high quality, natural ingredients.

I got to try out two of Valentia’s products. Their True Glow Eye Cream and their Ultra Plumping Hydration Mask.

– Astaxanthin: A powerful antioxidant that increases moisture levels, smooths fine line and wrinkles, and restores elasticity to the skin.

– Resistem: Natural Plant Stem Cells repair and protect the skin from harsh environmental pollutants and stress related aging.

– Vitamin C: Leaves the skin smooth and visibly brighter for a well-rested and bright eyed look.

– Organic Rosehip Oil: Provides intense hydration to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

– Arnica: A key anti-inflammatory agent to the restorative process that works to diminish the appearance of dark circles.

– Silk Protein Amino Acid Blend:These natural miracles increase moisture content and help in the production of collagen and elastin which decreases the appearance of visible lines.

– Botanical Hyaluronic Acid:Penetrates deep into the skin to secure moisture and plump skin from within.

– Organic Sea Buckthorn Oil:An anti-aging wonder berry that results in fewer fine lines, diminished sun spots, more even skin tone, and firmer more supple skin.

– Japanese Green Tea:Contains catechins that provide anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, and anti-irritant effects to the skin.

– Aloe Vera:This botanical moisturizers skin and fight aging by improving skin firmness.

Q7DAh4vuTIuP6josdsbv_True Glow Eye Cream with Box


Let’s start with the eye cream. The instructions say to use it twice a day. Once in the morning and once in the evening. It’s gentle on my skin and has really done a great job of reducing dark circles and brightening the skin under my eyes.

With 3 kids there are many night I don’t get enough sleep so I need all the help I can get to keep away the under eye dark circles.

I’m very happy with the results I get from this eye cream.

Next, the Ultra Plumping Hydration Mask. It’s a little gooey when you put it on but it rubs on well. It smells so good, and the great scent lasts even after you’ve washed off the mask.

I like to use a mask about twice a week. Just rub this one on, leave on for 15 to 20 minutes, and wash off. My skin tingles a tad during the 15 minutes but it’s not uncomfortable.

After washing off the mask my skin is soft and well hydrated. And my face smells so good!

These two products are both terrific. They’re both gentle on my skin and do a great job of hydrating and smoothing.

I received this product free for purposes of my review. All opinions are my own.

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel

Thanks to Influenster for the awesome product to try and review!

First of all Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel is blue, and blue is my favorite color. I like to coordinate all my stuff in blue. My office supplies, bathroom supplies, etc. So I have blue sewing scissors, a blue tape measure, blue hairbrush, blue eyeshadow (actually, I just like this shade, but my blue is my favorite!), blue pens, etc. And now, I have blue face moisturizer!

IMG_20150227_085315200Enough of the blue. The only thing I don’t love about this product is it has a slight perfume smell. It goes away after I rub it all in and it’s really mild so it’s not really a reason I wouldn’t use this product. And it’s not a bad smell, I just don’t understand why it’s there. And it’s a bit different than the smell I’m used to from my olay face lotion so I wasn’t expecting it the first time.

As for the product itself, I love it! It rubs in quickly, and it feels a little cool (temperature) going on which is always nice in the morning – I need all the help I can get to wake up!. I have never used a face gel so I was very curious to see how this product differed from my usual face lotion. After just a week of using it, I don’t plan on going back to my lotion.

I have pretty clear, just slightly oily skin, so I don’t need anything special, but I am constantly fighting having oily skin by my nose and dry skin on my cheeks. If I use more lotion my cheeks are great my my nose just gets more oily. If I use less my nose is great and the rest of my skin dries out.

All that to say, I’m constantly looking for a product that will solve this problem, I just never thought to use a face gel. I’m so happy with this Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel. It give my entire face all the moisture I need without causing any oily skin! Just the combination I needed. After a week of using it, my face looks more moisturized and more healthy than it ever has.

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel is a great product, it works really well on my skin, and it’s blue! I would recommend this product to anyone who’s looking for a new facial moisturizer, especially if you have combination skin like I do.

I received this product free for purposes of my review, all opinions are my own. @Neutrogena, @Influenster, #BehindTheGlow, #Neutrogena, #contest