Kale Salad

I have tried every way I can think of to get my kids to eat kale. I finally gave up, and when I got kale in my CSA box this week I figured I would end up eating it all myself.

I made this delicious Kale salad and the first time I made it I made just enough for myself. Well, my 2yr old and my 7yr old came along and ate the entire salad for me. Apparently, they like it raw, but not cooked!

Kale Salad

1 bunch of Kale
1/4 cup raisins
1 yellow pepper
1/4 cup cherry tomatoes
Italian vinaigrette dressing

Rinse and remove stems from the kale. Then chop the kale into pretty small pieces. Dice the yellow pepper. Put all vegetables in a bowl, add Italian dressing to taste and stir well.

Super easy and so delicious!

CSA – Week 9


Another delicious week of vegetables. There was a lot of variety this week!


Such a yummy CSA this week, starting with parsley. Because you can never have too much parsley. I love adding it to foods!


Peppers, red and yellow. My 2yr old insists on calling them apples. And he’s more than happy to just take a bite out of them!


These are called red torpedo onions and they look delicious! Every time I look at them I want to eat them.


Beets, I made another batch of pickled beets this week. My 6yr old likes them.


Green beens. You can have too many of these (if you’ve ever had too many bean plants you know what I’m talking about) but it’s really hard because they’re so delicious.


Kale – I love kale, but my family does not share my like 🙁


Celery. This organic, local celery is so flavorful. It has way more flavor than what you get at your grocery store. I’m just amazed.

CSA – Week 4


This week we have beets again. I made more pickled beets because I think the kids will like them. I’m just hoping I like them. I’m not a fan of beets.


Cauliflower. You can’t see this in the picture, but the undersides are purple. The girls were so excited about this! I’m not going to have any trouble getting them to eat it however I make it.


Radishes. Currently, I’m grating them into salads and everyone eats them this way. I even like them this way.


Green onions, four weeks in a row. I have got to come up with something other than slicing one in a salad!

IMG_0916Tomatoes. Last week’s were so delicious. I’m not having any trouble eating all of these.


Greens. It’s not broccolini, but something similar to kale. It’s a bit strong but I still like it.


Red lettuce. This stuff is so tasty. I love it in salads.


Kale. I still haven’t found a recipe for kale that the kids will eat. I’m going to try something new this week.

Come back tomorrow and see what I’ve been cooking!

CSA Week 3

There were so tasty things in my box this week. And some vegetables I’m not that familiar with. Be prepared for fun recipes tomorrow!


More green onions – I have got to find a use for this. This is 3 weeks in a row, and they’re all sitting in my fridge…


Radishes – the recipe I tried last time was pretty good. But no one in my family really likes radishes, so I’m going to have to try something different. Also, I have the tops this time. I’m thinking I’ll try a pesto and see whether I like the carrot top pesto or the radish top pest best.


Beets – I’ve never ever cooked beets. I’ll be looking at lots of beet recipes this week! They have the tops too. I’m pretty sure I can use these like any green similar to kale. I’ll be finding out what the taste difference is!


Spinach – we love spinach salad! I doubt I’ll have enough to do more than just salads. Especially since this is our preferred way to eat spinach.


While we’re discussing salads, here’s a head of red lettuce. I see some delicious salads in my future!


More Kale – I love cooked greens but the kids and my husband are not impressed. I’m going to try kale chips this week, maybe those will be better received…


Tomatoes – I love tomatoes. And these are huge and delicious looking. Can’t wait to start eating these.

Come back tomorrow to see what I did with all these familiar and unfamiliar vegetables.


CSA Week 2

Here’s what came in my second CSA box. Recipes for some of these items will be on the blog tomorrow!


Basil – I’m seeing lots of italian foods in my future! Did you know, basil is a spice that does better on the counter instead of the fridge. Just put it in a jar of water kind of like you would a flower, cover it lightly, and leave it out. It’ll keep longer. Not the most beautiful flower but it really does smell so good!

IMG_0689Kale, I really love kale. It’s one of my favorite greens. Plus I have a great recipe! (once again, come back tomorrow!)


Lettuce, luckily we love salads around here. This is such a big head! We’ve had a great spring for lettuce growing and it really shows.


More green onions, we got green onions last week as well. Apparently, it’s been a great spring for them. We don’t eat a lot of green onions so I’m struggling with what to do with them. I don’t mind them as toppings for salads, soups, tacos, etc. But no one else likes them, so I have to find a way to hide them when I cook with them. Check back tomorrow and see what I came up with.


More strawberries, they didn’t last long. We ate them up within hours of getting them home. They’re so sweet and juicy!


One green pepper. It’s pretty large, and looks delicious!


Carrots, my 6yr old has been begging to make some carrot soup. So we did, come back tomorrow and see how it turned out!