CSA – Week 9


Another delicious week of vegetables. There was a lot of variety this week!


Such a yummy CSA this week, starting with parsley. Because you can never have too much parsley. I love adding it to foods!


Peppers, red and yellow. My 2yr old insists on calling them apples. And he’s more than happy to just take a bite out of them!


These are calledĀ red torpedo onions and they look delicious! Every time I look at them I want to eat them.


Beets, I made another batch of pickled beets this week. My 6yr old likes them.


Green beens. You can have too many of these (if you’ve ever had too many bean plants you know what I’m talking about) but it’s really hard because they’re so delicious.


Kale – I love kale, but my family does not share my like šŸ™


Celery. This organic, local celery is so flavorful. It has way more flavor than what you get at your grocery store. I’m just amazed.

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