CSA – Week 4


This week we have beets again. I made more pickled beets because I think the kids will like them. I’m just hoping I like them. I’m not a fan of beets.


Cauliflower. You can’t see this in the picture, but the undersides are purple. The girls were so excited about this! I’m not going to have any trouble getting them to eat it however I make it.


Radishes. Currently, I’m grating them into salads and everyone eats them this way. I even like them this way.


Green onions, four weeks in a row. I have got to come up with something other than slicing one in a salad!

IMG_0916Tomatoes. Last week’s were so delicious. I’m not having any trouble eating all of these.


Greens. It’s not broccolini, but something similar to kale. It’s a bit strong but I still like it.


Red lettuce. This stuff is so tasty. I love it in salads.


Kale. I still haven’t found a recipe for kale that the kids will eat. I’m going to try something new this week.

Come back tomorrow and see what I’ve been cooking!

8 Replies to “CSA – Week 4”

    1. I wasn’t sure that I would like it, but I’m really enjoying it. The kids are even getting excited about what new veggies are going to be in our box each week.

  1. We got some kale in our CSA share last week and ended up making kale chips. They tasted a lot like popcorn (just less to chew on since they get very thin) which was a bit of a surprise. We were surprised they turned out so tasty.

    1. I tried kale chips, they were surprisingly easy to make and turned out well. Only me and the baby liked them though 🙂

  2. This is awesome. Let me know what you come up with. I am hoping to do a series in October about cutting back on sugar and adding healthier foods. The best ideas come from real moms and are kid approved!

    1. On Fridays I’m sharing some recipes from things I’ve gotten in my CSA boxes. Sounds like you have a great series coming up. Cutting back on sugar is always a challenge!

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