Retro Pattern Dress

I made this dress from an old retro pattern.



I absolutely LOVE the little bloomers!

I’ve used a couple of old patterns recently and I’ve found several key differences between newer patterns. First of all, the old patterns seem obsessed with seam binding, and buttons. New patterns usually do a lining instead of seam binding, and at least some of them use zippers.

Then, there’s the 3″ hem, on a 12mo. dress! The hem is practically as long as the dress! Almost all the new patterns I’ve used have only had a 1/4″ hem. And since this dress has bloomers with an attached skirt I couldn’t change the dress hem length or you would never be able to see the bloomers.

And, of course, the pattern called for a LOT more handsewing than I usually like to do. I, of course, did it on the machine and not by hand. The pattern wanted me to handsew all the lace on the sleeve, plus most of the seambinding.

I just loved this pattern though, it’s very unique and though very time consuming. Was definitely worth every minute!

Being a Mom

Being a Mom definitely has it’s ups and downs. As I sit here tonight, I haven’t decided yet how my day’s been or what I’m going to call my evening.

I’m sitting at the kitchen counter with my netbook at 9 p.m. because my husband is meeting with a client in our office.  These bar stools are comfortable but I prefer my desk.

I’m sipping a very tasty oolong tea from California Tea House that I purchased with my Deal Pulp voucher.  $7 for $20 worth of loose leaf tea was a great deal! A lot cheaper than Teavana at the mall. And it’s probably the first hot tea I’ve gotten to drink leisurely all week.

Of course, now I’m wishing I had some greasy chinese rice to go with my perfect chinese tea. This stuff tastes just like that wonderful tea you get at a chinese restaurant. (which is really why I like chinese restaurants) Maybe I’ll make chinese for supper tomorrow…

I’m trying really hard to remember what I accomplished today. I think remembering what I DID today is easier than finding any accomplishments. Around the “Mommy, help me with this”, “Mommy, I want this”, “Mommy, read to me”, “Mommy,…” and three infant diapers that leaked I’ve managed to fold 2 1/2 loads of laundry (not take care of, just fold), and my kitchen is basically clean. I guess I should call it good, but, I find it so hard to do this.

There’s that long list of things I wanted to do: 1.Paint my headboard, 2.Sand my nightstand, 3.Finish one of the four sewing projects I have cut out – just one, not all of them, seems like I could manage somehow, 4. Consume a HOT beverage (oh, wait…I just finished my oolong tea and it was at least warm when I got to the bottom) 5. Finish the laundry, 6. Pick up the living room, 7.Write a blog post (almost done here) 8.Read a whole chapter in my book without interruptions (hey! it’s the small things, this whole reading one page a day thing is really messing with my ability to follow the story) and 9. Get to bed at a decent hour.

All the things I want, but that in the long run, aren’t really that important. My headboard isn’t going anywhere, and those toys on my living room floor will be there again tomorrow even if I pick them up right now.

And, then there are the things I did do, not always the things of I think of as important, but in the long run, they’re way more important than a hot cup of tea! 1. Read to my toddler, 2. Play with my baby, 3. Take my kids shopping, 4. Look over my stash of trinkets for Easter eggs – I can’t wait to watch my little girl open them all! 5. Play with my kids, 6. Referee my children playing together – my toddler loves the baby but I can’t leave them alone, and 7. Enjoy all the giggles and smiles.

So, really, it’s been a good day, and as far as my kids are concerned, I’ve done a lot.

Santa Fe Chicken Casserole

I tried out another recipe with cooking creme. This time I tried the Santa Fe cooking creme. It’s not bad, I definitely like the italian and the garlic cremes better. I think the Santa Fe blend is a little spicy. My husband and cousin think it’s barely spicy at all. So I guess it all depends on how spicy you tolerate your food. For me, apparently, not at all.

However, I did like the recipe that I tried. (I just had to have lots of water when I ate it).

Santa Fe Chicken Casserole.

The only note I would make when cooking this is, if you’re not using a deep dish pie pan, put toothpicks in your casserole to keep the aluminum foil from sticking to the cheese. I lost a lot of cheese when I pulled my aluminum foil off.

$10 off at The Mini Social

Use the code “LUCKYKIDS” for $10 off you order at the Mini Social.

This site has great deals on children’s clothing, shoes, and games. Right now, they have crocs on sale and with you’re coupon you can get a pair for $5.99.

Cute Baby Socks on Sale

Totsy has the cutest baby socks on sale. Starters socks. They’re 50% off on Totsy.

I purchased a set of these a while back for my infant and I love them! They’re so cute, and I get compliments on them all the time because everyone wants to know how I keep shoes on my baby.

These socks are $10 at Amazon and $5 on Totsy for the next couple of days.

House Party Recipes

I had my house party this weekend. If you haven’t checked out house parties you should. I love them! You get free stuff, in my case a skillet and food, to demo a new product with your friends.

My party was for Philadelphia Cooking Creme.

I made two pasta dishes, Chicken Primavera with Pasta

and Tortellini Italiano.

Both were really good! The Tortellini Italiano was my favorite. The red peppers added a sweet flavor to the cooking creme that wasn’t in the Chicken Primavera.

Even my husband, who doesn’t like red peppers, liked the Tortellini Italiano best. He, of course, picked the red peppers out but he liked the flavor of the sauce with the peppers having been cooked in it.

I really want to try out one of the mexican meals, they all look so good! I think that’s the cooking creme flavor I’ll try next.

Free custom 20 -Page Book from Picaboo

I think it’s time for me to get some pictures of the girls so I can use this offer.

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Design your own photo book free at Picaboo. Get yours now with code FREECC until 3/22.

Cooking Creme

I got my party pack the other day from House Party. It’s for the new Philadelphia Cooking Creme.

I decided to try out one of the recipes last night for supper, just to see what I think of the the cooking creme before my party. I tried out a Lemon-Broccoli Rick with Chicken.  It was delicious!

The downside to the cooking creme is that it’s about $3 a container. I wouldn’t have tried it without receiving this house party. With my party pack I received coupons for 4 free cooking cremes, plus $1 off coupons for all my guests.

My opinion, cooking creme is delicious, and easy, and I think there’s a less expensive way to make a creme sauce for my food. But, I’ll probably start using these once or twice a month because they’re such an easy way to make a tasty meal with fresh ingredients. And with 2 little ones, I need all the help I can get!

Chocolate Cherry Cupcakes

I tried this new recipe off the food network site. Chocolate-Chocolate Cherry Cupcakes.

They turned out pretty well! I’m going to try them again with a few changes.

1. The cupcakes were really crumbly! I had to give my 2yr old a spoon so she could eat them. I think I’m just going to make a regular chocolate cupcake. The extra ingredients didn’t seems to enhance the flavor of the cupcake, just made it crumbly.

2. I LOVE the icing! I’m going to make this and put it on other things! I thought it could have been a bit firmer though, it was a little soft. Next time, I’m not going to use a purchased icing, I’ll make my own and make it a little thicker so when I add the chocolate mixture it’ll be a better spreading consistency.

3. Kroger brand maraschino cherries are terrible! They just don’t taste right, so I’ll use a different brand next time.