Musings on Motherhood

Motherhood with young children has it’s ups and downs, but, the ups far outweigh the downs. And getting enough sleep is overrated, right?

I get frustrated with my infant when she insists on eating multiple times at night instead of her usual once, but, really, how can you beat snoozing with a warm, snuggly infant. (until of course, she spits up on you and you have to change your pjs in the middle of the night)

And then the 6:30 am wakeup calls… but, those sweet smiles in the morning make getting up worth it. My littlest one has learned to roll over, so she rolls over and grins at me when I come in the room to get her in the mornings. Then, after she eats she relaxes on my lap in bed while my toddler climbs up and rests on my husband’s pillow. I think he wishes he could stay with us instead of going to work in the mornings.

Yesterday, my almost 3yr old rode the mini roller coaster at the amusement park all by herself. I was so worried. But she loved it! I’m happy to see her so independent (especially since I couldn’t take the baby on the ride), but at the same time, it’s sad that she doesn’t need me to ride it with her.

And as I type this, I look at my very messy office and remember how clean things were before kids (how did we end up with so many toys!), but I also watch my child dance to some music we have playing and that alone makes me ok with the constant picking up. I enjoy watching my children play, seeing their personalities, creativity, and watching what they get out of life.

Children are such a precious gift, and I have my days/moments when I just need a break, but, really, I would miss so much without them!

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