Gym Dandy Teeter Totter Product Review

Last fall we tried out this Gym Dandy Deluxe Teeter Totter at a friend’s house and just loved it. So, the beginning of spring I bought one for the kids.

I love the bright colors, it’s such a fun looking toy!

It’s easy for the kids (even the 2yr old) to climb on and climb off of.

And best of all, it’s extremely hard to tip over. I think it would take 2 adults intentionally trying to tip it over to actually tip it.



You can see the red base that makes it hard to tip. The yellow arms let the kids play without being able to tip too far. And the seats are comfortable and the handles are easy to grip.

We had some friends over the other day and at one point all 5 kids had piled on it without a problem – I don’t actually recommend using it with this many kids because there’s not quite enough room on the seats for 5. The seats can seat 4 kids total though if you have older kids who want to give younger kids a ride.

This has been one of my best toy purchases!

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