Back to School

Back to School

We’ve had a super busy summer. And covered many, many miles between my husband traveling for work and me & the kids traveling for family stuff. I had a sister get married, a brother come home on leave, my parents moved, two sisters graduated, and we threw in a few miscellaneous things just for fun.

I’m still finishing up my summer. It’s still HOT here in August – like in the 90’s, so we’ve got another good month of summer weather to go. I don’t even feel like starting school. But it’s that time of year, and since it’s important that we not fall behind, we’ve started school.

Part of the reason for starting when public school starts is because I’m required to do 180 days, and in order to get those all in plus all the fun things we like to do. I have to start on time. My books arrived Saturday, and we started Monday. Which means, we have plenty of days in our school year to still take breaks this month and take several trips to the local water park this year. Actually, the best thing about the water park this time of year, there’s fewer and fewer people there, by the end of the season we have the park to ourselves.

My kids all hate the cold, so come Christmas break, they don’t want to go outside. This means I have several extra weeks of school already planned in and we end early every year because of this. And snow days are school and then game days because there’s nothing else to do.

You ever had bored kids inside when it’s 10 degrees outside? It’s miserable! So, we do school instead. And play outside extra in the summer.

I think my kids are ready for school. They’re ready to see their friends at lessons and co-op and they’re super excited to be moved up to the next grade in Sunday School. I’m ready to see all my friends again too.

Summer was way too short, but we’re ready to move forward with things like learning to read, learning to multiply, and as many science experiments as I can stand. My 7yr old has requested that she be allowed to “blow things up” for science this year. I’m thinking the usual volcano, and a few other experiments like that. It’ll be a messy year for sure, but we’ll have fun and learn a lot!

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  • Amber Starr at Mommy Gone Healthy
    11 Aug 2016

    I don’t blame you for starting early! I give you kudos. Homeschool seems like so much planning and work!

  • Liz Mays
    10 Aug 2016

    I think I’d start early too. I was always bored as a child by the time August rolled around anyhow.

  • Angie Scheie
    10 Aug 2016

    Summers go by way too fast! I’m glad you’re kids are ready and good luck with the preparation!

  • Dia All The Things I Do
    10 Aug 2016

    Sounds like you had an amazing and busy summer. I’m glad you got to see your brother. It’s strange, I have no kids and graduated college 4 years ago but Summer seems to throw off my schedule too lol and it was 101 today for us, I’m ready for Fall.

  • Carol Cassara
    09 Aug 2016

    The year goes by so quickly! Glad to hear your children are into getting back into learning mode for the new school year.

  • candy
    09 Aug 2016

    Tis the season to start back to school. I’m sure everyone will get back into the routine and still enjoy what is left of summer. Good luck blowing things up.

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