OxyRub Pain Relief Cream – Review and Discount


OxyRub Pain Relief cream is a rub on cream for the relief of arthritis, tense muscles, bursitis, and other strains or bruises.

I have some Carpal tunnel in my right wrist which flairs up from time to time. I received the OxyRub Pain Relief cream during a week that I was having a particularly bad time with it.

I try to relieve some of the symptoms by using my left hand more when I’m on the computer and such but I think most of the irritation comes from carrying my 35lb 2yr old around and some days not carrying him just isn’t option so I need pain relief that targets just my hand and wrist.

The OxyRub is not a strong pain relief cream so it didn’t relieve all the pain but it did reduce it a good amount so I was able to do most of my activities throughout my day without any pain – including toting around the toddler.

It performs pretty much as I expected for a Pain Relief Cream. It targets the pain right where it’s rubbed in, lasts a good amount of time (I only needed to use it once a day for the 3 days that I was having the most trouble), and does a good job of providing a good amount of pain relieve without numbing the area.

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I received this product free for purposes of my review. All opinions are my own.

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