Crest Pro Health HD

Thanks to Bzz Agent I got to try Crest Pro Health HD for free!

This product is honestly somewhat of a hassle to use because you basically brush your teeth twice.

However, my teeth have never felt so clean after brushing! There’s not a strong mint flavor, which is nice. I’m not really fond of the taste of stage two either, it’s just kinda clean tasting.

You brush for one minute with stage one, add stage 2 and brush for one minute more than rinse. It’s actually pretty simple. And my teeth are so shiny and clean after brushing. After using this product for several weeks my teeth are a tad whiter than they were before – but they were pretty white to begin with. The biggest change for me is how clean my mouth feels!

I used my previous toothpaste for one day just to compare and I couldn’t believe how much dirtier my teeth felt all day! I’ll definitely be purchasing more of this product when my free product runs out!

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