Comforts for Baby

Thanks to Bzzagent I got a small package of Comforts Diapers and a travel pack of Comforts baby wipes for free. Plus coupons to share with friends!

I shop at Kroger a lot (actually, I think I live there, I’m there so often!). So Comforts baby products is super easy for me to pick up. I’ve used Comforts products in the past. I used the diapers and wipes for my middle child but I was having lots of trouble with diapers rashes with my youngest so I ended up using pampers diapers for him. With this campaign and him being 1 1/2 I figured it was a good time to give the Comforts Diapers another try. They worked out great. They’re actually leaking less (really not at all) than the Pampers were. He’s a heavy wetter at night so that and how his skin reacted were my two big concerns. No leaking at night, and his skin handled the Comforts diapers just fine.

Comforts are about 2/3 the price of the Pampers so I’m saving money with the store brand. Horray!

I was already using Comforts wipes because they’re cheaper than the name brands and higher quality than the Wal-mart or Sams brand. At least I think they are. They’re thicker and just work out better for me.

This was a great product test for me and helps me save even more money in the long run!

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