Comforts for Baby

Thanks to Bzzagent I got a small package of Comforts Diapers and a travel pack of Comforts baby wipes for free. Plus coupons to share with friends!

I shop at Kroger a lot (actually, I think I live there, I’m there so often!). So Comforts baby products is super easy for me to pick up. I’ve used Comforts products in the past. I used the diapers and wipes for my middle child but I was having lots of trouble with diapers rashes with my youngest so I ended up using pampers diapers for him. With this campaign and him being 1 1/2 I figured it was a good time to give the Comforts Diapers another try. They worked out great. They’re actually leaking less (really not at all) than the Pampers were. He’s a heavy wetter at night so that and how his skin reacted were my two big concerns. No leaking at night, and his skin handled the Comforts diapers just fine.

Comforts are about 2/3 the price of the Pampers so I’m saving money with the store brand. Horray!

I was already using Comforts wipes because they’re cheaper than the name brands and higher quality than the Wal-mart or Sams brand. At least I think they are. They’re thicker and just work out better for me.

This was a great product test for me and helps me save even more money in the long run!


So, I’m enjoying shopping at WalMart less and less. Now, lest anyone get the wrong idea, I’m not against WalMart, or large retailers, for that matter, but WalMart has less and less stuff that I need these days.

For example, my shopping trip today, which is just like all my shopping trips to WalMart for the past year or so. I’m just about to give up on the store. I’m not sure if WalMart is stocking less or my needs are just more specific, but I find that I just can’t find what I’m looking for these days.

Back to my shopping trip today. First of all we (me and 3 little kids) stopped off at Office Max for some paper and file folders because I know from past experience that WalMart doesn’t carry the large box of paper I need and I’m really not sure whether or not they carry file folders and why put myself through the frustration of looking for something that’s not there. I really did try to only look for things that I expected WalMart to have.

Next, on to WalMart. First on the list blond bobby pins and hair nets – I need these for ballet buns for my 5 yr old’s ballet pictures and performances. Well…WalMart only has brown or black bobby pins, which is kind of ok since no one sees the bobby pins anyways, but blond ones would hide better. And they only have brown hair nets, which are not going to work. I decide not to get the bobby pins either because I’m going to have to stop somewhere else for hair nets anyways so I may as well get the blond bobby pins I want while I’m at it.

Next on the list, large storage bin. I have about 8 of these in my garage with kids clothing and I need one more for some clothing the baby just outgrew and WalMart is always where I buy them. Well…they’re out of stock.

Next item, birthday gift for the Girl’s friend. WalMart does have barbies, 1/4 of an isle of barbies, but at least enough that the girls find a good gift that they’re happy with.

On to bottles. I’m switching to bottles for the baby because he just won’t stop biting me and it’s becoming a real problem – btw, stopping nursing is more painful than starting, in my opinion. I have one bottle that he likes but it’s only a 5oz bottle and I would like to get a 10oz one for when I know he’s going to drink more than 4oz. He at least understands the word “more” and gives me the bottle to refill when he wants more so refills are not a problem. Also, having one bottle is very inconvenient. I get to the bottle aisle and there are push carts full of packaged diapers and other baby items all lined up in front of the bottles (no stock person in sight). So, I have to basically climb over boxes to look at bottles, and of course, they only have the newborn nipples. I want the 6month+ nipples since they flow faster and that’s easier for my 9month old. I give up, I’m going to have to try Target or Babies R Us later this week. Probably Babies R Us because if they don’t have them I’ll have to order them online somewhere.

On the way out of the store I grab a bag of puffed goldfish because the kids want a snack, and we pass these almond joy pudding mixes. I don’t understand, why do they have almond joy pudding mixes and taco flavored goldfish puffs but no blond hair net? – I actually found the blond hair nets AND blond bobby pins at Kroger, it’s sad when my grocery store has more selection…

Kroger Skillet Meals

Thanks to Bzzagent I got to try Kroger skillet meals, Kroger frozen garlic bread, and Kroger salad kits for free.

I loved the garlic bread. Actually, everyone loved the garlic bread. I’ve bought several packages since trying it and it always gets eaten. Quick and easy to make. Goes great with pretty much any meal!

The salad kits are great too. You get a salad with dressing and toppings in just the time it takes you to pour everything in the salad bowl. No chopping and slicing.

Combine these with the skillet meals and you have a very fast dinner. (cooks up in under 10 minutes, which is nice because with 3 little kids I never have enough time to make supper). I tried the shrimp skillet meal and wasn’t impressed with it. It tasted great but there just wasn’t 4 servings in the bag. With the garlic bread and salad we almost had a complete meal, I think the skillet meal would have been enough if it was just me eating instead of me, husband, and kids.

I almost made it for guests but I decided to try it first, and I’m glad I did.

Now, the skillet meal tasted great and it was super easy to make, so I would have no problem serving it to guests (it had lots of nice vegetables in it too), just know that the serving size is small so you either need to get double what you think you need for your main course, serve it for lunch instead of dinner, or serve this as a side.

All in all, a tasty product, I’ll just have to buy two next time.

Kroger Low Fat Icecream

For my latest Bzz Campaign I got to try a free box of Kroger Yogurt Smoothie Bars. I tried the mixed berry variety (they also have a banana strawberry kind as well but I’m not personally fond of banana or strawberry icecream so I haven’t tried this one). They are delicious. My kids love them as well. I think the girls think they’re cool because they’re pink but they also really like the flavor, and I really like the creaminess of these yogurt smoothie bars.

The Yogurt smoothie bars are Kroger’s latest addition to their low fat and sugar free frozen treats. They also have Fudge Bars, Fruit Bars and Ice Cream Sandwiches.

We tried the ice cream sandwiches as well and while they’re a little big for the kids to eat a whole one alone (which means that I get all the leftovers!) the kids love them. The cookie part is just crunchy enough to not be gooey like a lot of ice cream sandwiches. So the kids don’t end up with all the sandwich part all over their hands.

The Kroger brand ice cream novelties are all very tasty, and they come in regular varieties and sugar and fat free varieties. Plus I’m always looking for the cheapest ice cream to purchase for the kids since they eat through ice cream all summer long. I’ll be purchasing more of these next time I go to the store.

Comforts for Baby

I really enjoy trying new products, and my favorite product review site is BzzAgent. I get to try out real products for free and leave my feedback.

My latest campaign was from Kroger’s line of baby items. Comforts for baby.

I received a free box of diapers (96 diapers in the size that I got), a free container of baby wipes, and two free sippy cups.

1. I loved the baby wipes, they’re store brand so a lot cheaper than a name brand but they’re still thick and soft. Walmart’s baby wipes are really thin so I don’t use them, I’ve been using pamper’s instead. But I think I’ll switch to Comforts. I like them just as well as pamper’s baby wipes and Comforts are a lot cheaper!

2. The diapers are ok, they’re a little smaller than the same size in Pampers so I wish I’d gotten one size larger. The weight limit was the same on the size 3 comforts and the size 3 pampers so I expected the same size diaper. They still fit my toddler but a slightly larger size would have been better.

I think they’re a little rougher feeling than Pampers but my toddler doesn’t notice the difference. They always seem more saturated to me when I change my toddler but I haven’t had any diapers leak or any rashes on the toddler.

They’re cheaper than Pampers and work as well even if they seem less nice to me. I still have half a box of diapers to go through before I have to decide which I’ll purchase.

3. I did not like the cups. My kids don’t like cups with the rubber stoppers so I had to pull those out. Which wouldn’t have been terrible, but the cup is tall and skinny so it tips over easily, and without the rubber stoppers, they spill everywhere.

I liked the flip lid that is on the cups, it’s a great idea, but the cup still leaks when it’s on if I don’t have the rubber stoppers in. If you have a child that drinks out of cups with the stoppers in it, you’ll probably like this cup, but it just doesn’t work for me.

Kroger’s Private Selection Frozen Foods

One more review for and then I have a whole list of Christmas stuff to write about. gave me three free Kroger Private Selection Frozen Foods to try. I tried a pizza, and appetizer, and a dessert.

Pizza: I tried the pepperoni, garlic pizza. I honestly would have preferred to try the supreme/vegy pizza but the rest of my family is picky and I didn’t want to eat an entire pizza by myself.

I liked this pizza ok. I thought it was kind of small for the $6.99 price on it, and I could have done without the crunchy chunks of garlic on it.

If you’re looking for something fancier than DiGiorono then you might like this pizza, but it’s not about to be my new family favorite.

Appetizer: We tried the Chicken Trumpets. I really liked them but the kids were not a fan and neither was my husband. I think these were $4.99 a box. The portion size wasn’t bad, but since I’m the only one who liked them I probably won’t spend $5 on another box.

Dessert: We tried chocolate covered cream puffs. These were winners. I think they were $4.99 a box as well, I don’t remember. These got gobbled up very quickly!

All in all, Kroger’s Private Selection Frozen Foods aren’t bad, in fact, some of them are pretty tasty, but I think they’re a bit expensive for a store brand food.

Kroger’s New Chocolate Chip Cookies

Once again I’m reviewing a product from  I really like this review/product test site. If you like to try new things for free you should check them out!

Today I’m reviewing Kroger’s New Homestyle Chocolate Chip Cookies. I got two free boxes to eat. Plus some coupons which I used to purchase cookies for holiday gifts.

At my Kroger these cookies are only $2.50 a box, which isn’t bad for cookies.

I thought they tasted pretty good. They have lots of chocolate chips so my 3yr old actually ate the entire cookie instead of just picking the chocolate out. I do wish they had a soft variety though. The cookies are crunchy and I prefer chewy but they were still pretty good. However, if you leave a cookie out all night it will be soft in the morning. (of course I ate it stale, it had chocolate in it!)

At $2.50 a box they’re cheaper than Nabisco cookies which is nice. The Kroger cookies are larger though, meaning you’ll probably only get one instead of three if you open the box in a group.

This year, I bought some to give to teachers as Christmas gifts. It’s an inexpensive, edible gift. And everyone loves cookies. I was already planning to do cookies of some sort and when I tried these I decided that they were just what I was looking for.

All in all, a pretty tasty cookie. And a great Christmas gift for teachers!