Mom’s Night Out

Looking forward to seeing Mom’s Night Out this evening! Going out with some other Mom friends to see the movie. I’m so excited!

We get to see a pre-release showing at our local theater.I’ve never been to something like this and I’m super excited!

I got the invitation a few weeks ago so I checked my calendar and saw that the date was open, then I txted my husband and asked him if he had heard of the movie and if he had any thoughts. He didn’t really care about the movie, he just thought it was awesome that I get to go to a free pre-release showing of a movie. Basically, he was like “you should go!” even before I gave him the details.

Up until last night I think he was more excited about it for me than I am excited for me. I have a friend who’s a local business owner so she and I each got tickets and we’re each bringing a friend so we’ll have a lot of fun all getting to hang out together!

Of course, last night I think my husband realized that he’s putting all 3 kids to bed on his own. He asked for a list of instructions. I am feeding everyone supper before I leave so really all he has to do is bedtime so it’s not that bad, I think thought that he’s never put the baby to bed since the baby likes to nurse to sleep at night. So I’m not sure how well the bottle will go. I guess we’ll find out!

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