Superbowl Party

I’m a casual football fan, I enjoy sitting on the couch Sunday afternoon and watching football but I honestly don’t care which team wins. I’ll cheer for whatever team my husband picks.

For me, the best part of football is the opportunity to get people together and spend some time with friends and family. Even if that time is spend yelling at the TV!

That said, I always look forward to the superbowl. It’s late enough the baby goes to bed right after it starts and I can enjoy the game with everyone. And enjoy tasty football snacks!

My favorite snacks:

1. Chili Cheese dip – 1 can of beanless chili and half a container of velveeta cheese, melted and mixed together
2. Pizza rolls Рcanned pizza dough, with pepperoni, Parmesan cheese, spices, and mozzarella, rolled into a log then baked and cut into rounds.
3. Chicken wings – frozen from a bag
4. Veggie tray – just to balance out all this unhealthy food.

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