So, I’m enjoying shopping at WalMart less and less. Now, lest anyone get the wrong idea, I’m not against WalMart, or large retailers, for that matter, but WalMart has less and less stuff that I need these days.

For example, my shopping trip today, which is just like all my shopping trips to WalMart for the past year or so. I’m just about to give up on the store. I’m not sure if WalMart is stocking less or my needs are just more specific, but I find that I just can’t find what I’m looking for these days.

Back to my shopping trip today. First of all we (me and 3 little kids) stopped off at Office Max for some paper and file folders because I know from past experience that WalMart doesn’t carry the large box of paper I need and I’m really not sure whether or not they carry file folders and why put myself through the frustration of looking for something that’s not there. I really did try to only look for things that I expected WalMart to have.

Next, on to WalMart. First on the list blond bobby pins and hair nets – I need these for ballet buns for my 5 yr old’s ballet pictures and performances. Well…WalMart only has brown or black bobby pins, which is kind of ok since no one sees the bobby pins anyways, but blond ones would hide better. And they only have brown hair nets, which are not going to work. I decide not to get the bobby pins either because I’m going to have to stop somewhere else for hair nets anyways so I may as well get the blond bobby pins I want while I’m at it.

Next on the list, large storage bin. I have about 8 of these in my garage with kids clothing and I need one more for some clothing the baby just outgrew and WalMart is always where I buy them. Well…they’re out of stock.

Next item, birthday gift for the Girl’s friend. WalMart does have barbies, 1/4 of an isle of barbies, but at least enough that the girls find a good gift that they’re happy with.

On to bottles. I’m switching to bottles for the baby because he just won’t stop biting me and it’s becoming a real problem – btw, stopping nursing is more painful than starting, in my opinion. I have one bottle that he likes but it’s only a 5oz bottle and I would like to get a 10oz one for when I know he’s going to drink more than 4oz. He at least understands the word “more” and gives me the bottle to refill when he wants more so refills are not a problem. Also, having one bottle is very inconvenient. I get to the bottle aisle and there are push carts full of packaged diapers and other baby items all lined up in front of the bottles (no stock person in sight). So, I have to basically climb over boxes to look at bottles, and of course, they only have the newborn nipples. I want the 6month+ nipples since they flow faster and that’s easier for my 9month old. I give up, I’m going to have to try Target or Babies R Us later this week. Probably Babies R Us because if they don’t have them I’ll have to order them online somewhere.

On the way out of the store I grab a bag of puffed goldfish because the kids want a snack, and we pass these almond joy pudding mixes. I don’t understand, why do they have almond joy pudding mixes and taco flavored goldfish puffs but no blond hair net? – I actually found the blond hair nets AND blond bobby pins at Kroger, it’s sad when my grocery store has more selection…

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