Kroger’s New Chocolate Chip Cookies

Once again I’m reviewing a product from  I really like this review/product test site. If you like to try new things for free you should check them out!

Today I’m reviewing Kroger’s New Homestyle Chocolate Chip Cookies. I got two free boxes to eat. Plus some coupons which I used to purchase cookies for holiday gifts.

At my Kroger these cookies are only $2.50 a box, which isn’t bad for cookies.

I thought they tasted pretty good. They have lots of chocolate chips so my 3yr old actually ate the entire cookie instead of just picking the chocolate out. I do wish they had a soft variety though. The cookies are crunchy and I prefer chewy but they were still pretty good. However, if you leave a cookie out all night it will be soft in the morning. (of course I ate it stale, it had chocolate in it!)

At $2.50 a box they’re cheaper than Nabisco cookies which is nice. The Kroger cookies are larger though, meaning you’ll probably only get one instead of three if you open the box in a group.

This year, I bought some to give to teachers as Christmas gifts. It’s an inexpensive, edible gift. And everyone loves cookies. I was already planning to do cookies of some sort and when I tried these I decided that they were just what I was looking for.

All in all, a pretty tasty cookie. And a great Christmas gift for teachers!

Style Find

Today, I’m just doing a quick review on a clothing site. I’m testing out this site for a site called, but don’t worry, I don’t have to say anything special, just what I think.

Pros: for this site, they have a lot of fun features, a find your shape jean selector, style suggestions such as what’s new in style, a page of my favorite stuff, and a lot more. It’s a fun site to play around on and see all the styles.

Cons: The clothing on this site costs way more than I am willing to pay. The cheapest pair of jeans I saw was $80. I realize for some people, this is a great deal, but for me, with two kids who stain my jeans within weeks of purchase, I just can’t justify spending this much on clothing.

So, go check it out for fun, but don’t get attached to the clothing, it won’t be good for your budget.

Burt’s Bees Natural Skincare

My latest product test from BzzAgent has been Burt’s Bees Natural Skin Solutions for Sensitive Skin. They sent me two full sized products. A face cleanser and a face lotion. I was in the market for a new face lotion so I was really excited to try this out!

I’ve been using it for a couple of weeks and I’m really happy with it. After my second child I’d been having trouble with my face breaking out, and I’ve never had trouble with this before. And the Burt’s Bees Natural face cleanser and lotion haven’t given me any trouble. My face has completely cleared up. And it’s gentle enough that I even let my child try it out on her face when I’m doing mine.

At $15 a bottle they’re affordable and I plan to buy more when I use up my current bottles of product.

Want to discover more about Burt’s Bees®? Head to to find a complete product list (for your whole body), special offers, and information about Burt’s Beest.

My New Etsy Site

I have finally opened my new Etsy site. If you’re not familiar with etsy it’s an online site where individuals can sell vintage items and/or handmade items made by themselves. You can rate the sellers once you purchase from them so it’s pretty easy to see if you’re purchasing from a reputable seller or not. I’ve made several purchases off of this site and never had any trouble at all. Most people are happy to make a sale and want a good rating so they can make more sales so they’re going to make sure you’re happy.

I also have so much fun just browsing the site and looking at all the cool stuff people have made!

If you want to see what I’m selling without going to Etsy you can see it on my blog here.

I have a few more things planned that I haven’t posted yet, some hairbows for little girls, bibs, burp cloths, baby quilts, and more! I’ll be posting updates as I get those finished and for sale.

Yesterday, I received my free Dr. Scholl’s high heel insoles from If you haven’t checked out you should sometime. Basically, how it works is they send you free products to try and you review them – and mention them to your friends if you like them.

So far, I’ve gotten to try out Cover Girl foundation and now these Dr. Scholl’s High Heel Insoles. If you’re local to me and you are just dying to try these out I have $4 off coupons that I can get to you. (They cost $12.99 a pair so this makes them $8.99)

I have tried them and I’m not really that impressed. They’re for size 6-10 women’s and I wear a size 9 1/2. For me, the insoles are just a little too short. They either cushion my heel or my toe but not both. And the arch support is a tad too big for me. I think if you wear a smaller shoe these might work for you but they don’t work well for me.

My toddler enjoys sticking them to the bottom of her feet and parading around the house though, so I suppose I’ll hold on to them for a little while 🙂

I Love Lucy

For Christmas my husband got the the best present ever!

An I Love Lucy complete set. This was a great gift for so many reasons. I love I Love Lucy. Having the complete set is awesome!

With the recent birth of our second child, and a toddler “helping” with the baby, I find that I often need some time to relax and/or time to sit down with toddler and baby. Fortunately, my toddler also likes “Lucy” and these are just the right length to watch while nursing the baby. I can get the baby fed, keep my toddler entertained, and laugh a couple of times as well.

And, all you mothers with young children will understand, it’s taken me a full month to get through the first season, so I have many months of I Love Lucy still to watch and enjoy!

Free Covergirl Makeup

I found this great site the other day. Basically, they give you free products to try in exchange for you talking about the products.

I got my first Bzz Campaign the other day, for Cover Girl makeup. I took a picture of my package so you can see what came in it. I signed up for it and it says they’ll send you a free full size product to try but I was a little skeptical. It’s hard to know sometimes, it just seemed too easy. Well, yesterday, I got my package, and yes, indeed, there was a full size foundation and lip gloss, as well as coupons for $1.25 off the foundation if I decide to purchase more or if my friends want to try it.

I only wear foundation about once a week so I won’t be purchasing any more any time soon but I am looking forward to trying it.

I tried out the lip gloss right away and I really like it. It’s just faintly pink so you can’t really see that it’s adding any color, just a gloss. And it’s 10spf so it’ll be great for this summer! Just enough sunscreen to keep my lips from getting chapped when I’m out by the pool. And I’m sure my toddler will love it too, since she wears all my lipgloss anyways, she won’t even guess that I’m letting her wear it so she doesn’t burn 🙂

I’ll post a review on the foundation after I try it, it’s advertised as being really light so I might actually like it since I’m really picky about the weight of my foundation.

House Party Recipes

I had my house party this weekend. If you haven’t checked out house parties you should. I love them! You get free stuff, in my case a skillet and food, to demo a new product with your friends.

My party was for Philadelphia Cooking Creme.

I made two pasta dishes, Chicken Primavera with Pasta

and Tortellini Italiano.

Both were really good! The Tortellini Italiano was my favorite. The red peppers added a sweet flavor to the cooking creme that wasn’t in the Chicken Primavera.

Even my husband, who doesn’t like red peppers, liked the Tortellini Italiano best. He, of course, picked the red peppers out but he liked the flavor of the sauce with the peppers having been cooked in it.

I really want to try out one of the mexican meals, they all look so good! I think that’s the cooking creme flavor I’ll try next.

House Party!

If you’re not familiar with House Party, you should check it out!

I’ve done several parties and I love the great stuff I receive in my party packs. My latest party, which I’m hosting in a couple of weeks – you invite friends over for a party – is for Philadelphia Cooking Creme.

I received 4 coupons for free Cooking Creme, an oven mitt, and a really nice skillet. And for my guests, I have coupons for Cooking Creme, wooden spoons, magnets, and scratch pads.

I can’t wait to try out the Cooking Creme, and my new pan!


On a blog with chocolate in it’s name, I do have to have a post about chocolate.

Chocolate covered cake balls to be precise.

They’re made by a company called Sweet Jane Lynn. I think it’s two sisters who own it (and operate it).

These are delicious! My husband ordered them for Valentines day for me and they just arrived yesterday, so plan for it to take a while since they have to make every order by hand.

They’re totally worth the wait though!