So, for I tried out this website called Basically, you take and contribute to “tests” about all sorts of different topics. I tried out the bzzagent test and the adobe illustrator test.

And then you can compare your score against other test takers. Really, in my opinion it’s an interesting idea but there are some flaws. You loose points for wrong answers but since all the test questions are user generated I’ve actually answered some questions correctly and it’s been the wrong answer so I loose points.

You can report this but there doesn’t seem to be a really good review process to ensure that the questions are accurate and make sense. Also, you get points for creating questions, so it’s possible for someone to be doing better on a test than me simply because they submitted more questions than me.

All in all, this site just felt like a waste of my time. I didn’t learn anything new about adobe illustrator and how can I accurately know how much knowledge I have about a topic if all the questions aren’t accurate?

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