National Fun at Work Day

What do we do for Fun?

One Fun thing about being an entrepreneur is being in charge of the office. Our employees often have the option of working from home, and they often do that. So, I’m always excited about days that make it fun to be in the office.

We’re kind of in the midst of the winter blues here so something fun is definitely needed.

National Fun at Work Day is today and I couldn’t be more excited. I’ve brought in some of my favorite cookies and we’re encouraging employees to have some fun. Even if that’s just one extra foos ball break.

Wait, what is a foos ball break, you ask? Well, we have a foos table in the office. And when employees need a break, they are encouraged to bring along another employee – who may or may not need a break – to join them in a little fun competition.

It’s kind of like a water cooler, just louder.

For today, we’ll even break out the scoreboard and see who we can crown foos champion at the end of the day!

What is National Fun at Work Day?

Well, it’s a day for having fun at work. Not that you don’t already. At least I hope you do. But it’s a special day for having more fun that usual. And this year, it falls on a Friday, which makes it even more fun. Let’s just see how many more times I can say fun in this paragraph, because its, well…fun!

Did you know that 1963 was when the first cubicles were introduced? Can’t say that I find that fun. But, you can find this and other fun facts about having fun at the office at the official National Fun At Work Day page.

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