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Recognition can be a powerful source of motivation in the workplace, encompassing a number of factors that allow an individual to feel truly valued. That person is likely to achieve better as well, as studies show that when employees are rewarded for a job well done, performance levels skyrocket. In fact, 81 percent of employees say they work harder when their boss shows appreciation for their work. Seventy-five percent of CEOs at small businesses concur, believing recognition increases productivity.

Recognition is also considered the best lever to improve quality of life at work for a great majority of employees. But what’s the best way to spotlight the hard work of others? In the small-business world, how do we as small-business owners recognize and support our employees? How can we help our employees feel valued at work and carry over that value into their work quality?

While my husband and I have had a small business for the past 10 years, it’s just this past year that we’ve gone at it full time and started hiring employees. This has been one of our big questions. How do we recognize our employees hard work in our unique work environment?

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A trend in technology companies is to work remotely and since this is a small-business less overhead works great for us. Meaning, all our employees work from home.

This creates a unique set of issues for us when it comes to employee recognition. We have occasional in-person meetings for project starts, mid-project reviews, and any other time we need everyone on the project in the same room. But, in a remote work environment, how do you recognize your employees in a meaningful way?

1. Communicate – If we’re not communicating with our employees, nothing is going to work. It’s important though to not only communicate when they need to fix something but to also communicate to them when they’re doing a great job. Tell them how they’re doing and recognize them for good work.

2. Tell Others – I’ve never seen a group of programmers look over each other’s code and tell them how awesome it is. There’s no way in a group setting you’re reviewing code and oohing and aahing over a good job. That’s just weird. But, it is appropriate in a group setting to mention that X person got X job or X function done. Give them recognition for what they’ve accomplished.

3. Include them as part of the team – When you work remotely, it’s easy to feel isolated and not part of a team. To build team spirit. And what good does it do to recognize someone if no one else knows them?

a) Give everyone something with the company logo, shirts, hats, pens, business cards, etc. Whatever makes sense for your company. Employees love free company swag. It’s like an extra special perk for working for a company. And not only are you, the company, recognizing them as a valued member, they’re also promoting the company when they use their swag.

b) Get everyone together. We like to do a big lunch meeting, recognition dinner, or we’re even inviting everyone to our Superbowl party. With all remote workers it’s important that they get a chance to get together, see each other, and have fun.

4. Have fun together. One of my husband’s favorite companies was a company he worked for that had a game room. They had an Xbox360, a foosball table, and a couple other things. A couple times a day the employees would round up a quick foosball competition and take a little break. A break does great things for employee productivity and it also helps employees build camaraderie with each other.

We don’t have a physical office for our employees yet but we’re definitely planning a rec room when we do! For now, we do things like Superbowl parties. Recognize your employees hard work with some well-deserved down time.

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  1. Running a company is tough especially when you have employees, and when they are working from home. There needs to be a lot of trust, and communication is definitely the key!

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