Things I Can’t Live Without

Ok, so, most of these things I CAN live without, but having them makes life so much easier!

Coffee – I’m a mom, really this kinda goes without saying. Baby up all night? Just have an extra cup of coffe, or two, in the morning. One of my favorite brands is Green Mountain coffee. I tried this a while back free from Bzzagent and it’s now my favorite brand! They have some awesome flavors and their coffee is strong but not bitter. The perfect coffee in my opinion. Plus, they sell it at my local Kroger and it’s no more expensive than Starbucks so I have no excuse not to drink the coffee I like!

Dust buster – I can’t live without this thing. My husband helped me research the best one on Amazon and I ended up with a Black & Decker one. The only thing it doesn’t do is liquids, but none of the dust busters that would do liquids had good reviews so I figured I’d rather have a good dust buster that doesn’t do liquids than a bad dust buster that does. This things is awesome! Cleaning under the couch? I bring the dust buster along and sweep up the crumbs every couple of minutes so they don’t end up all over my house. It’s great for cleaning out the car, corners in the kid’s rooms, and any emergency crumb cleaning like the 5 crumbled crackers on the couch this morning and the cool-aid powder all over the floor.

Roomba – ok, so, this is a new one for me, but this saves me SO MUCH time! I actually still use my broom (I have wood floors) but it’s awesome to turn on the roomba and let it get all the smaller dirt and crumbs that I missed. My floors are so much cleaner now. And that’s a good thing being as my toddler spends a lot of his time on the floor still.

Take N Toss CupsSippy Cups for when they’re little and Straw Cups for the older kids. The cups are all the same so it’s just the lids that are different. They’re cheap, so when the lids get nasty – my kids chew on them – I just toss them out and buy a new set. They also make baby spoons, that I keep a supply of. The baby use them, and the kids use them for tea parties, stirring drinks, feeding dolls, and just about anything else they want to do that requires a spoon.

Wooden Spoons – They’re good for absolutely everything in the kitchen, from mixing recipes to cooking on my non-stick pans. I also have a set of wooden salad tongs. Just don’t put them in the dishwasher. but you can scrub them without harming them so washing is easy.

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