Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays and on Thanksgiving this year I am reminded of all that I have to be grateful for.

My husband: He’s sweet, caring, hardworking, and loves his family. I couldn’t ask for a better man, and I’m very grateful for that. Three kids and almost 9 years in we still don’t mind putting up with each other. We’re actually trying hard this year to spend some time away from the kids – you know, dinner out, a football game, a few movies, stuff like that – with 3 kids we really need some time to talk to each other without little ears being present. Plus, I need some occasional adult time.

My kids: My oldest who laughs at anything remotely funny, or not funny. My middle child who just likes to be sweet and helpful. And my baby who is just constantly a mess – it’s his goal in life, to make a mess and be a mess as often as possible. I’ll probably never find all the marbles to Hungry Hungry Hippo again (I think the hippos actually at them!) or clean without finding a few legos (or walk through the house at night without encountering a few), but when I hear them giggling and playing together, I’ll take the messy house any day of the week.

My family: Where would I be without my family. We’re loud and crazy when we’re all together but we really enjoy some good laughs, good food, and a great time catching up.

My Job: I’m kidding, I don’t have a job, actually I kinda do. Taking care of the kids is quite a job. Plus I freelance web and graphic design from home, with 3 kids this can get exciting and some days I long for a real office, but I get to stay home with my kids and it’s worth the hassle.

Mostly, I’m grateful for those people that God has put into my life, my family and friends. The people who keep me grounded, like me just as I am, and who care about me and are there for me when I need them. That’s a lot to be thankful for.

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