Summer Grilling with Kroger

My latest Kroger campaign from Bzzagent was lots of fun.  For this one, I got to try Kroger brand free frozen slider patties, slider hamburger buns, chips, ice cream, and Big K Soda.

Sliders : I usually buy Kroger hot dog and sandwich buns and the slider buns were just as good as the larger hamburger buns. The sliders were the perfect size for my kids to eat, which was great for grilling with them! However, the slider patties themselves were a little greasier than the rest of Kroger hamburger patties (I’ve tried a lot of pre-made hamburger patties and Kroger is my favorite brand) so I was a little disappointed with them. I’ll definitely continue to purchase and grill with the full size hamburger patties but I’m not sure that I’ll purchase the sliders again unless they come out with a leaner variety.

Chips : I’ve tried store brand potato chips before and just hated them so I wasn’t really excited about trying the Kroger brand. I was really surprised. The chips are delicious! I tried wavy, BBQ, cheddar, and sour cream & onion. I liked all of them (so did my guests). Since these are much cheaper than Lay’s the Kroger chips are going to be my new favorite chip brand.

Ice Cream: Kroger ice cream is good, not as good as blue bell or graeters but it’s still good ice cream and terrific for keeping on hand for the kids.

Big K Sodas: I think Coke will always be my favorite softdrink but Big K Sodas are pretty good, and cheaper. And they have some fun varieties that the kids love. We tried blue raspberry soda first, not my favorite, but the kids think it’s great because it’s blue! Orange creme soda was good too, the orange was a little stronger than I expected, but still good. Vanilla cola is my favorite so far, and the black cherry soda is pretty good as well.

All in all, a fun campaign, with tasty food, and more ways to save money on my grocery bill!

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