Hose Nozzle

I’m reviewing these Hose Nozzles for a friend. She gave me two to try, but since I only have one hose, I ended up trying one and giving the other to my brother-in-law to use for his hose. (The nozzles come in a pack of two which is why she gave me two)

So far, I’m very pleased with this product. First of all it’s made in the USA, and I always like buying products that are made in the USA.

Next, it’s nice and sturdy, actually a tad heavy so I feel like I’m using something high quality when I water my garden or wash my car.

And, true to what it advertises on amazon, it doesn’t leak, which is so nice! (and I have really powerful water pressure at my house)

I also love the twist on and off because it makes it easy for my kids to use the spray. Before we had just had a grip handle sprayer and my littlest child isn’t strong enough yet to be able to squeeze the handle and get water out, so this works great for her. And I’m all about letting the kids water the garden and wash the car while I supervise!

This hose nozzle is so easy to use, has great reviews on Amazon, and is very sturdy. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a high quality hose nozzle.

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