What my Kids think of the New Baby

I have 3 children and while they each are super excited that we’re having another baby – they’ve been asking for one for basically forever – their responses have all been different. I can’t wait to see what they all think once the baby is here!

First. Here’s what they all have in common. They want a boy. We’re going to have to find out gender just in case this baby is a girl so they can get over the disappointment before the baby arrives. Though, they seem to have varying reasons for wanting the baby to be a boy.

Oldest –

My oldest is 8 and is super excited to have a baby to “take care of”. She was almost 5 when our youngest was born so I’m pretty sure she doesn’t exactly know what this means. However, she’s old enough to be quite a bit of help and I think she’ll actually enjoy the baby, since she loves babies.

She wants me to have a boy so things will be even. We’ll have 2 girls and 2 boys and everyone will have someone to play with. Honestly, she’s just excited about a baby and she’ll be happy either way. Thanks to her, basically every checkout clerk in the city now knows that I’m pregnant!

Middle –

My middle child is super sweet but is a bit more shy around babies. I think she’ll do just fine with a baby sibling. She’s excited, and likes to give the baby (my stomach) kisses. Just wait until the baby can kick hard enough for her to feel it. She’ll most likely be glued to my side from that moment on.

She wants a boy because she wants to remain my “baby girl”. Which is my nickname for her. I assured her that she can keep the nickname regardless of the baby’s gender, but I don’t think she’s convinced. She tries to pretend that she just wants her brother to have someone to play with, but she really just wants to be the youngest girl. It’s tough being the middle child, so I understand her wanting to hold on to the baby girl spot.

Youngest –

He’s 3 and knows basically nothing about babies. He has grand plans of the baby playing with his toys and hanging out in his room to play every night. Being the only boy, he has his own room and isn’t happy about it. He hears his sisters chattering and playing at bedtime and he wants a bedtime buddy.

I’ve assured him that the baby can be in his room – actually, in a 3 bedroom house, the baby kinda has to share a room with him – and he’s super excited. He wants a brother so he has someone to play cars and super heroes with. He has no idea what sharing a room with a baby will be like. I’m not certain he’ll be happy at first but once the baby starts getting more playful he’ll be so happy to have a playmate. The trick will be keeping him from handing small objects to the baby.

I want to know. What did your kids think when you announced an upcoming baby?

Tips for Dealing with Morning Sickness

I’m currently pregnant with my 4th child and “enjoying” all the 1st trimester joys of morning sickness. Luckily for me, my morning sickness (all day sickness) is only in the 1st trimester. I’m not sure what would happen in my house if it lasted any longer.

As I’m lying on the couch sick, I comfort myself with the fact that morning sickness is a good sign. Or it’s supposed to be. It means my baby is busy growing (i.e. making me sick). Doesn’t make me actually feel any better. It’s just nice to know.

With 3 kids and a pretty full schedule, I do often have to just muscle through the nausea, back pain, and exhaustion.

Though, by 4 I have gotten a little better at just rolling with it. If you’re struggling with morning sickness, here’s a few things that might help.

1. Find a good prenatal vitamin – I don’t mean find the one with the most iron or the biggest pill you can find. Find something that your body can stomach, and that actually helps you. I really struggle with this. I need a vitamin without iron and have you seen the amount of iron is most prenatal vitamins! I’ve resorted to taking children’s vitamins every couple of days because that was all I could handle.

Finally, after my 3rd pregnancy I discovered Premama Vitamins. They also have vitamins for fertility and lactation. You can get a flavorless powder that you mix in any drink (juice is recommended, I tried it in a carbonated beverage once and it foamed up and bubbled out of the cup and all over the counter!). Or you can get a citrus flavored powder.

Either one works great. It has all your folic acid, DHA, etc. and while it has some iron, it doesn’t have a ton. Plus, my morning sickness is actually less when I’m taking it. It’s the only prenatal vitamin I’ver ever taken that has helped me feel better.

This might not be the one for you, but if you’re struggling like I was because prenatal vitamins were so hard on my stomach, you should give this one a try. It’s making handling my morning sickness so much easier!

They’re available on Amazon and in most drug stores like CVS and Walgreens.

img_20160702_1822212702. Rest – I know you want to keep getting everything done. But listen to your body and get some extra sleep. I always have oodles of energy in the 2nd trimester to make up for my exhaustion 1st trimester.

A good prenatal vitamin can help some with the exhaustion. But, listen to your body and get some extra rest. And don’t feel bad about your messy house. You are growing a baby.

I find that taking some time during the day to just sit helps a lot. I’ll read a book, answer e-mails, work on my blog, etc. Anything that’s non-stressful. But just stopping and sitting for a few minutes here and there really helps.

3. Ginger, Lemon, Citrus – All 3 are great for helping settle an upset stomach. For me, Ice water with lemon is super helpful. Helps me stay hydrated and the lemon helps settle my stomach a bit.

I also like a ginger tea. It’s nice and warm and also helps me stay hydrated. You can get ginger chews as well if you’re not a fan of tea.

Oranges are great for digestion. Plus they have vitamin C and some fiber. You really can’t go wrong with these. Get the little mini oranges and you’ll have something perfect for a midnight snack or really a snack any time you’re needing a little something.

img_20160801_1224452474. Pace your eating – Take your time. You’ll do better if you don’t eat random large meals. Start your morning with a few crackers by your bed, make a cup of tea, etc. Something small. Then move on to breakfast. Oatmeal or something else easy on my stomach is my preference.

Keep healthy snacks on hand like celery sticks, peanut butter, cheese, or fruit. And snack on something good for you when you start feeling a little hungry. You might not eat as large a lunch or dinner as you did pre pregnancy because you’re snacking. Don’t worry about it. You honestly don’t need many extra calories the first trimester. Just focus on eating small meals with foods that are good for you.

And remember, there’s a tiny human growing inside you. Your body is working hard. So, don’t feel bad about taking it easy and listening to what your body needs.

Caring for Myself in My First Trimester

Aside from the actual delivery. First Trimester is by far my least favorite part of pregnancy. I have morning sickness – really all day sickness – from about 4 weeks until week 13. And with 3 kids, homeschooling, and a small business, keeping up while I’m sick is a challenge to say the least.

This is my 4th pregnancy, and if there’s anything that I’ve learned about my first trimester it’s to give myself permission to just take it easy.

Here’s just a few ways I take care of myself – and of course the new little baby – during my first trimester.

  1. Extra Sleep – Something about the hormones, I’m way more tired than normal. As in 10 hours of sleep at night and a nap tired. Of course, the more tired I am, the more sick I feel, so if I want to get anything done, I do actually need to sleep. And, technically, I’m sleeping for me and the baby, and everyone knows that babies need lots of sleep.
  2. Special Snacks – Another fun thing about the first trimester. I’m hungry all the time. Because I get less sick if I perpetually snack (rather than eat all my food in 3 meals a day) I do go ahead and purchase snacks that I’m craving. This pregnancy I’m craving oranges and avocados (eaten separately), both snacks that are definitely good for me. I’m not actually craving any unhealthy snacks this time around (one pregnancy it was krispy kreme doughnuts) so I’m pretty much allowing myself to snack as much as I want on what I want. I do limit the unhealthy snacking to my normal snacking limits. It’s important to eat well.
  3. Frequent Snacking – I feel better if I snack frequently. So I keep nuts and/or granola bars in the car for when I need a snack while on the go. What I have depends on how many of my snacks my kids “stole”. My kids just love all this extra snacking! Normally, I don’t do this, but, in the interest of feeling well, it’s good for me to do.
  4. Relaxing – I like to be on the go and I like to be busy. I also really want to rearrange the kids bedrooms. But all that stuff is going to have to wait until the second trimester when I have the energy to do it. I do manage to keep the house picked up – most of the time – which I think is pretty good with 3 kids. I constantly have to remind myself that it’s perfectly ok to take a break and finish the laundry tomorrow (guess what I didn’t finish today). A lot of times relaxing just means that I’m sitting down working on my blog, catching up on e-mails, or reading a book. Just something that lets my body rest.
  5. Vitamins – For some reason I don’t handle multivitamins very well. They make me sick. So, combine morning sickness with prenatal vitamins making me sick, and well, let’s just say that every pregnancy so far I’ve just given up on the vitamins. Whenever I discover a new prenatal vitamin I try it out for a week (even when I’m not pregnant) just to see how I handle it, and it never goes well. This time around I found a brand called Premama that actually works for me. Horray. It does actually help some with the morning sickness and energy. So I’m finally able to get those extra vitamins that I’m supposed to have without making myself sick.
  6. Pregnancy Brain – So I explained the concept of pregnancy brain to my 8 and 5 year old. I was having a really bad day forgetting things. And now, I’ve basically been given a pass to forget any and everything the entire time I’m pregnant. If you have kids, I highly recommend you do this. It’s honestly a great way to get away with things and have them be ok with it.

So, Mommas, tell me in the comments below, what are some special things you’ve done for yourself during your pregnancy? Or tell me about your favorite food craving?

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Why I Hate Buying Pregnancy Tests

Hubby and I have been trying for a while to add a 4th little one to the family. So far, without success. Last week though, I was 2 days late and decided to take a pregnancy test just to check. This whole month is insanely busy and I needed to know how much coffee I can drink.

So, I headed to the bathroom cupboard, pulled out my box of pregnancy tests, and discovered that it was empty. And now, for the dreaded purchasing of the tests. I really hate buying these things. It’s not necessarily the item I’m purchasing, it’s the awkward conversations that surround it.

Seriously, last time I bought pregnancy tests, the lady at CVS remembered me and asked me about the results the next time I was in the store. Um, nope, it was negative, but not sure I really wanted her to be the first person I announced my pregnancy to – plus the kids were with me when she asked and I’m definitely not announcing anything in front of the kids before I’m ready for the entire world to know.

The way I see it, these are my options. Unless I want to order online and wait days for the tests to arrive. By then, I probably won’t need them anymore…


0 Children – So, I bring no kids with me while I purchase. I’m young enough I obviously want kids, and old enough that people feel for me not having any kids and trying. Not sure if I come off as desperate, but people are always overly sympathetic when I purchase alone.

1 Child – I can bring a girl or a boy, either one. The comment is always, “so, are you hoping for {insert opposite gender}?” My child then proceeds to tell them about the other siblings and what kind of sibling they want, while I attempt to exit before this conversation goes too far. The employee doesn’t understand what my child is saying, I have to repeat it, twice.

2 Children – Now, this depends. If I’m with just the 2 girls the comment is, “So, trying again for a boy?”. Yes, I reply, and we’re not going to stop until we get one.

If I have one of each gender with me they want to know why I would add another child when I have one of each and what gender do I want. Um, I’ll take a baby please.

Either way, the children with me feel compelled to tell the store clerk about the missing sibling and how we would like another boy because brother needs a playmate. The store clerk is confused. I continue out the door without bothering to explain the missing sibling.

3 Children – I’m towing 2 girls and 1 boy. One of which is guaranteed to be meandering down the aisle next to the one I’m in and another of which is trying to convince me that we should buy one of every available candy in the checkout aisle.

No wonder the store clerk inquires as to if I know how these things happen, am I actually wanting another one, and was this was a “whoops”? They sympathize with my plight and proceed to tell me about when friends, siblings, daughters, etc. knew when to stop. They can even recommend a good dr if I need some better birth control.

Oh, no, I need an even number, I reply. There’s always an odd one out with three. Speaking of which, where is that third child?

Send Hubby – Now, my sweet husband offered to go get them for me. First of all, he offered at 10 pm and a single guy in CVS calling his significant other late at night to figure out which pregnancy test box to purchase and then purchasing them is another kind of conversation.

He’ll probably end up with the young store clerk who’s more interested in talking about why he’s out purchasing a pregnancy test.

I thanked him for his kind offer, and plotted a time to get away from the kids and purchase these tests as secretly as possible.

And in case you’re wondering. No, I’m not pregnant. And I snuck into Kroger and went through the self checkout with my box of pregnancy tests. Of course, the employee did have to remove the security sticker so I didn’t set off the door alarm. So, I still didn’t manage to avoid conversation. But at least I didn’t set off the door alarm.

Why I Don’t Have A Van

Husband (to me) “I want you to have the car that you want”. Me to husband, “I WANT a Mini Cooper, but that’s not very practical.”

Now you know how our van shopping is going! My husband remarked the other day that a mini-van seems to be some sort of status symbol among moms, you know, you have one kid and go buy the mini-van as fast as you can because now you’re a mom…or something like that. Hmmm, somehow, I missed the need for that status symbol. I’m still coming to grips with the fact that if I have one more child I will have no choice but to purchase a van.

Currently, I have 3 kids in the back of our SUV (yes, in their carseats). It’s kinda nice, I can reach them to do things like recover dropped flip-flops and share drinks. I know that’s not happening in a van!

So, why don’t I have a van? For starters they’re expensive! We’ve decided on a Honda Odyssey and my goodness, I can pay off my house, or buy a van! Actually, not quite pay off my house, but it’s pretty close. My SUV was nowhere near that expensive.

But really, it comes back to state of mind. I remarked to a friend the other day that I really sympathize with those girls who find themselves with an unwanted/unplanned pregnancy. You see, I didn’t plan my first child, she was a surprise. Now, when I found out I was pregnant, I was in a good position to be pregnant. I was married almost 2yrs, had 3 months of school left so I would definitely finish before the baby arrived, my husband had a good job – I actually wasn’t working at the time but I was getting ready to start hunting for a job for after school was over. My husband was excited, my family was excited, his family was excited. So, suddenly finding myself pregnant shouldn’t have necessarily been that bad.

But, getting pregnant just wasn’t in my plans for a few years. Once I got over the initial shock – actually, that happened at the exact same time that the baby arrived, I was happy to be a mom. And if I had to do it over, I wouldn’t change a thing. I love being a mom! That said, even though I now have 3 kids – once we had one child, why wait to go ahead and have more! Anyways, there just some things I haven’t done. I never joined the Mom’s group at Church – I just couldn’t. And I have not purchased a van. If people ask what I do I don’t say “referee, taxi service, chef, housekeeper, and mom”, I say, “I’m a graphic designer, I play in a band, I sew, etc.”.

Of course, there are some things I have done. I have a mommy blog (but you knew that already). I do all sorts of activities with my kids (just today we were at a kid’s event at the park). When asked what she wants to be when she grows up, my oldest will tell you that she wants to be a mom. But I’ve been holding out on the van. I’m sure I’ll like it once I have it, but what’s the hurry?