Easy Scarf

IMG_20150319_140825118I whipped up this easy scarf in just a couple of hours.

Size 15 knitting needles
2 skeins standard weight yarns (get 2 different colors)

Working with both yarns together

Cast on 20

Row 1: Knit
Row 2: Pearl
Row 3: Knit
Row 4: Pearl
Row 5: Knit

Repeat this pattern until scarf is desired length or until you reach the end of your yarn.

Red and Black Dress

I absolutely LOVED this bubble skirt dress pattern!

It’s McCall’s M6271. You can do it long or short, and there’s also shorts to go under the short dress version.

I made the longer version since my little girl refuses to wear shorts.

And it’s adorable! I’ve tried out several bubble skirt dress patterns and this is the first one that I’ve liked. I think because this pattern has LOTS of fabric in the skirt so it’s nice and poofy. Guaranteed to make my little princess happy!

Camouflage Dress

Here’s my latest creation. A pink camouflage dress for my little girl. I was nervous about working with a knit since I have trouble with them stretching on me but this fabric worked great and it’s so comfortable!

I have a shirt cut out for myself out of this and I’m looking forward to getting it put together so I can wear it!

This was from McCall’s #6315 pattern. I added the pink lace at the neck and hem, but other than that I followed the pattern. There’s no zipper or button so this is a really easy and fast pattern. I put it together in under 2 hours.