Easter Egg Jars


Looking for a super duper easy Easter craft or gift to make with your kids. These Easter Egg mason jars are easy, fast, and fun.


Shredded coconut
Green food coloring
Colored Egg Candies
Small Mason Jars
Large Ziplock Bag


    1. Pour your coconut into the ziplock bag.
    2. Add just a little bit of green food coloring (1/8 to 1/4 tsp depending on how much green you want)
    3. Close the bag, leaving lots of air.
    4. Shake the bag (or do what I did, and have your kids shake the bag) until all the coconut is green.


  1. Pour your “grass” into your mason jars and top with eggs. You could also toss on a little rabbit or chick if you want more variety.
  2. Want more eggs in your jar? Hide some in the grass and then add the eggs on top.
  3. Set your jars out open on the counter or put on the lid and give as an Easter gift to friends and family.


Easter Eggs

Made our own easter egg dye this year and tried out a new way of dipping them.

1/2 C hot water

1 T vinegar

several drops of food coloring

I WAY overdid it on the food coloring so our eggs (and fingers) colored in about 5 seconds. Next year I’m using less food coloring!

One new idea I had from a magazine this year was to wrap the eggs in lace and then after they dry they will have the lace pattern on them. Maybe it was my lace, or the extreme strength of my egg dye, but it didn’t exactly work like I expected. It did still give the eggs some textured color which was cool and with the lace bunched at the top (bind with a rubberband) it made a great handle for the kids to dip the eggs without getting their fingers too messy.