Shopping with Girls

JoAnn fabrics was having a great sale on remnants, and I had a gift card, so me and the girls (4 and 2) went shopping the other day. The one thing about fabric shopping with 2 young girls is that they both feel that they must pick out their own fabrics.

My 4yr old picked out hers and then we started heading for the pattern area and the 2yr old objected, so…we had to go back and let her pick out her own fabrics too. At least now I have fabrics and patterns for their Easter dresses – or Easter outfits since the 4yr old picked out a shirt and skirt pattern.

Here’s the fabric my 4yr old picked out. The green is for the shirt and leggings and the yellow for the skirt which will have pink tulle under it as well.

And my 2yr old’s pick. She really had to have the pink and wouldn’t let us continue shopping without letting her pick her fabric!

Plus we have all sorts of extra fabrics from the remnant pile and a few extras we picked up while we were there. I’m going to be busy!

Camouflage Dress

Here’s my latest creation. A pink camouflage dress for my little girl. I was nervous about working with a knit since I have trouble with them stretching on me but this fabric worked great and it’s so comfortable!

I have a shirt cut out for myself out of this and I’m looking forward to getting it put together so I can wear it!

This was from McCall’s #6315 pattern. I added the pink lace at the neck and hem, but other than that I followed the pattern. There’s no zipper or button so this is a really easy and fast pattern. I put it together in under 2 hours.

Cherry Dress

My latest dress for my baby. It’ll be a tad long on her, but she’s not walking yet so it doesn’t really matter. And it should fit her for a little while. (probably until after she’s walking)

I had a small piece of that pre-pleated fabric that I used. There was just enough for the dress. I cut off the bottom, because it was too long and made it a 3 layer dress by hemming the piece I cut off and adding a red layer between the two black layers.

Also, at a children’s consignment sale the other day I got a cherry dress for my toddler. The girls will be so cute in their cherry dresses!