Family Friendly Holiday Activities

I received these items free for purposes of my review. All opinions are my own.


I know we’re all staying home for the holidays, but I still want my surfaces clean for all the fun family activities we’re doing. So, before we get started, these hard surface wipes from Elyptol are perfect for wiping down the table or counter.

With natural ingredients and a Eucalyptus clean scent, these wipes are perfect for any solid household surfaces.

Elyptol has hand sanitizer, sprays, wipes, and liquid soap. Even if I wasn’t being extra cautious about germs this year, my 3yr old son is still struggling to accurately hit the inside of the toilet, so, I’m doing a LOT of bathroom cleaning. It’s nice to do it with a product that doesn’t dry out my skin and that leaves my bathroom smelling amazing!

Use code: germ free for a 20% discount when you order.

Adventure Challenge

Now that we have a clean work surface, the first thing my kids wanted to try out was this Adventure Challenge book.

There’s a plethora of fun family activities, you scratch off one, and have to accomplish it before you can pick another one. We just finished the one where you create a sculpture out of something from your fridge. It was so much fun!

There’s tape strips by each challenge for sticking on a photo of your adventures. When we’re all done it’s going to be an awesome book full of fun memories!

It’s hard to beat having fun AND being able to look back easily and remember it.

I’m loving the randomness of the activities, this makes them so fun and unique. And I love that I have a fun activity literally at my fingertips for those days when we just can’t think of anything to do.

So much fun!!!

You’re Pulling My Leg Jr

This game is simple, you ask a question – like tell me about a time an animal tried to bite you – the answerer flips a coin and doesn’t let anyone else see it, heads is the truth and tails is a lie.

The Answerer then answers the question by telling a story with the designated truth or lie and the listeners have to guess if the story is true or not.

We started this the other night and the kids did not want to stop! It’s so much fun coming up with random stories (or true stories) and trying to trick your siblings (and parents).

We got many laughs out of this game and have plans to play it again tonight.

The best thing is, you can easily play this game with a large variety of ages and everyone can have fun tricking everyone else. I plan to pull it out for our next extended family zoom call.


So this game arrived all wrapped up, with this cool note. I liked the game before I even played it! Obviously, the creators of this game are super creative, which is everything I could hope for in a get to know you trivia game!

This game works as a couples game, a group party game, and even as a family game. It’s funny how my questions my husband and I did’t know the answers to for each other!

The kids thought it was so fun to learn random information about everyone, and there really are so hilarious questions/answers that happened while we were playing.

This is another game that is perfect for family or friend zoom calls as well as family game night.

With all these awesome activities, my kids are well entertained this holiday season, while still learning about each other, and staying safe!


Pandle review and giveaway

Founded in February 2015 by Brooklyn native, Jason Yakubovich, the New York City based startup Pandle Inc. provides the world with a germ- and worry-free experience in public spaces. From public transportation, to fitness centers, to hospitals, the company’s innovative product is the simple solution to fighting off germs and avoiding sickness transmitted through contaminated surfaces.

Pandle is a wearable, reusable silicone handle with an integrated nanosilver solution that prevents the growth of germs on the device. By inserting the hand into the device before touching public surfaces, the user avoids coming in contact with germs while also improving grip through the unique rubber blend of the product.

Pandle was originally created for public transportation and is therefore exactly sized to cover standard subway poles. However, it can be used for any surface that may be tainted with germs. With its ultra-light and foldable design Pandle easily fits into every pocket and is ready to use in just a second.

IMG_20160109_223421853The only public transportation near me is the city bus so I obviously don’t use this for public transportation, however, it is pretty handy for when I’m out and about with the kids. Things like opening bathroom doors (my kids LOVE public restrooms) or gripping other surfaces like stair handrails that have had many many people touching them. These are sized for a subway pole so they’re the perfect size for gripping things that you encounter on the go. And my kids think they’re awesome!

I love the bright colors and they fold up so tiny – I actually “lost” mine in my purse the first time I dropped in in there. Whoops!

Pandle is currently available for $6.99 on the company’s website  and at selected shops throughout New York City. It comes in two different sizes and five different colors (black, green, blue, red, purple). For more information please visit their website at You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter. Or to see the Pandle in action check out their YouTube videos.


Pandle sent me one of every color of Pandle which is pretty awesome! This giveaway is for one Pandle. Winner chooses the color. I received this product free for purposes of my review. All opinions are my own.


Totally Random

Wow, so, I missed my usual Tuesday post by three days! And I just remembered today! Of course, with my crazy busy summer, I’m not totally surprised. I even has a post planned, it just didn’t get typed up. So, be watching for my post on Tuesday about our experience with our first pagent.

Some weeks, like this week, I’m grateful that I like to plan. For the past two weeks I’ve been running back and forth from my house to our rental house (with the kids) showing the house to all kinds of people – and I really mean, all kinds of people… Anyways, hopefully we have a family signing a lease tomorrow. So all my running around will pay off!

Back to planning. We’re starting some school on Monday – my plan is to do school on the days we aren’t busy (until our local public school year starts and then we’ll do all 5 days a week) which will create some extra days we can take off for fun things like the water park with the family. I sent in my registration weeks before the deadline (which was yesterday) and I ordered all my school books weeks ago (received the last one yesterday). Because if I had to order them this week, it never would have happened.

I only wish I could preemptively do housework and then my house would be clean today. Today we have a day at home, and aside from going stir-crazy, it’s been a good day. My kitchen is clean, the baby’s room is clean, my bedroom is clean (well almost, the roomba is finishing up for me), laundry is going, and I can’t decide, do I tackle the girl’s room or the rec room next? I’m not sure which one is more daunting. Maybe I’ll do the rec room while the girls clean their room and then help them finish up – but, who am I kidding, if I’m downstairs, they probably won’t do any cleaning!

I need to go finish a few things before baby boy wakes up from his nap.