Hyland’s Baby & Children’s Products – Review

We’re fully immersed in Cough & Cold season and Hyland’s natural homeopathic products can help! Hyland’s sent me a box of their terrific products to review. Cough and cold for kids. Ear ache. And my favorite, with growing kids, Leg Pain Relief. I remember leg cramps as a kid, and especially in winter, my kids seem to get them as well. This is an easy, natural way to help relieve pain.

I have several Hyland’s products that I already love, so I was super excited to try out everything else!

For example, I discovered Hyland’s Tiny Cold Tablets last year when my little guy had a cold at Thanksgiving while we were out of town. Talk about rough! I browsed the baby isle at Kroger, desperate for something that would help him feel better and that he would take.

He loves these. Actually gets mad at me for not just handing over the entire bottle – LOL. They’re teeny, tiny, little tablets that basically dissolve before the baby can decide if he actually wants them or not. I followed the dosage instructions and these really do a great job of easing the baby’s cold symptoms. I’m excited to have a bunch on hand for this year!

When the symptoms get rough this cold and flu season, reach for Hyland’s–the safe and gentle line of homeopathic medicines that parents have trusted since 1903.

Their proprietary formulas are developed by pharmacists using natural active ingredients that are strong in relieving symptoms, but gentle in the way they work.

With so few options available to parents for comforting little ones, Hyland’s makes it easy for parents to find a safe solution that’s just right for their child’s age and ailment so the whole family can get the rest they need.

These Oral Pain Relief tablets are one of my favorites. Not only do they help with teething pain – once again, they’re a quick dissolving tablet that my baby is happy to take – my tween uses them for gum pain right after her braces are adjusted. I feel so much better about her taking these as needed than I do about giving her pain medicine for a couple of days. The tiny bottle fits easily in my purse, or in her’s so it’s easy to have on hand for those rough days.

Hyland’s is great for keeping on hand for winter vacations, just in case, too! The products that come in tablet form are especially convenient during travel. And with 4 kids, it’s basically impossible to go anywhere without needing something!

For babies, Hyland’s also has Mucus & Cold Relief and Cough syrup. It’s so frustrating to me that most companies don’t make products for my baby’s cold symptoms. He’s coughing and coughing and I’m trying to convince him to eat honey because it’s the only thing in my house safe for him to consume.

Hyland’s Cough and Hyland’s Mucus & Cold are products that I hadn’t tried previously. And I’m not disappointed. The same high quality as their other products and gentle enough for my baby, yet, they do actually provide some symptom relief for him so that he can be more comfortable. A win win for everyone.

With a baby and children in my house, Hyland’s products are terrific to have on hand for all their sniffles and aches.

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