Invitation – Book Review

I received this book free for purposes of my review. All opinions are my own.

Invitation – Harbingers Cycle One – by Bill Myers, Frank Peretti, Angela Hunt, and Alton Gansky.

I read my first book by Frank Peretti when I was a young teen and never read another one. So, I really was reluctant to try out an entire book by Peretti. However, since he wrote this book in cooperation with 3 other authors I thought it was a pretty low commitment way for me to give him another try.

I’ll be honest. He’s still not my favorite author, but definitely better than I remember him. Before this book I had just finished the Wing & Wing by James Fenmore Cooper (think older english text, like Charles Dickens). So switching over to this book, I honestly felt like I was doing some super simple reading. I sat down and in under an hour and a half (with interruptions from the kids) I was already 1/3 of the way through the book.

I’m not complaining about the authors’ styles. I was just a shocking contrast to the larger, older words I had just waded through. All that said, this book was a remarkably fast/easy read. If you’re traveling, it would be perfect for on the plane or in the car when you want to read something that you can just pick right back up if you get interrupted.

Invitation is in four sections. There are 4 main characters. Each author wrote one section from one character’s perspective. A rather interesting way to write a story. Their styles are all similar enough that switching through the authors wasn’t a problem.

The story is interesting and entertaining to read and was a nice break from the heaver reading I had just been doing. If you like any of these authors, you’ll enjoy this creative collaboration and may even find a new author that you like.

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