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I spent the first couple of years with my blog just figuring out what I want to do. Now, I think I have a system down – a mixture of product reviews, and life with kids including crafts, baking, and thoughts about life.

So now, it’s time to find a larger audience, learn to write better blog posts, and find some affiliates that will work with a small blog.

I found Mom’s Affiliate a few weeks ago and so far, I’m really liking it. You can pick whatever projects you want to participate in and promote. They also have featured articles available but I don’t have enough monthly blog readers to do any of these yet. So I’m sticking with the brand affiliate links for right now. Some pay a flat amount per conversion. For example if you click through my link to Mom’s Affiliate, sign up, and start using them, I get $2. Pretty awesome!

Some are percentage based, so percentage of sale after click-through. I haven’t tried out any of these yet but they have some popular brands on there like Zulily and such.

This Affiliate site is for Mommy Bloggers so there’s a lot of brands and products on here that I love! Which makes it easy to pick a campaign to join. I just have to restrain myself and not join all of them at once, because then you all would get really tired of seeing a gazillion affiliate posts on my blog! So I try to pick only things that I already know I like. Like this Pillsbury Newsletter. I’ve been subscribed to this for a long time and always find it useful!

My biggest issue with the site so far, there’s no dashboard that shows all my current campaigns together so I have to just go to the main list and find them. There’s not that many so it’s not a big deal but it would save some time if they were all listed in one place for me.

A couple of days ago I had my first conversion. Someone signed up for Mom’s Affiliate through my link! WooHoo! I’ll make my first $2. I told my husband about it and he suggested that with all this money I’m making we can go out to dinner this month. I’m so glad he has more confidence in me than I do in myself!


The second site I’m trying out is Boost Insider. They have campaigns with different types of links. Some are simple click through campaigns like this one inviting people to join Boost Insider. You get paid per click.

Some are conversion based, you only get paid if people actually download or purchase something.

On this site you get invited to campaigns. They look at your social media and blog reach, consider your interests you entered in when signing up, and then offer you campaigns that they think will be a good fit for you.

dress4_1428547379412_800You can reject campaigns if you don’t want them. I rejected one for Game of War because It’s not a game I’m interested in playing so why would I promote it? But this campaign for DHGate prom and formal dresses looks pretty interesting so I joined it. I just love that right at the start of the site I can pick my style so there’s less hunting randomly and more actually looking at dresses that I like. Now, I just need an excuse to order one!

I’m super excited to have found some sites that will work well with a small blog like mine and maybe one day I’ll get better at this and can graduate to something a little larger!

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