Good2Grow Juice

Thanks to BzzAgent I (“I” being “the kids” since the kids actually drank them all and didn’t share with me) got to try a whole 6 pack of Good2Grow juice for free. They also threw in 3 extra bottle caps, which the kids just loved. Plus, there were coupons for a free refill pack with any individual bottle purchase, so I let each of the kids choose their own bottle at the store, then we shared the rest of our coupons with friends.

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Good2Grow has an apple juice and a fruit and vegy juice. My kids loved both of them! The kids are picky about their fruit and vegy juice – they won’t drink V8 because it’s a little gritty – so I’m really happy to see them drink the Good2Grow juices. The juices are 100% juice so I know the kids aren’t getting a ton of sugar.

Plus, the tops are spill proof so if they sneak the juice off to their room I don’t have to worry about it spilling.

I just can’t give these to my 10 month old, the lid pops right off every time he throws it from his highchair – to be fair, I haven’t found a cup yet that fares well when he throws it, so he’s currently only allowed water when he’s eating.

Also, since Kroger sells them, and Kroger is my preferred grocery store, they’re super convenient for me to pick up for a picnic, party, or just a snack!

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