Green Mountain Coffee

Thanks to Bzzagent for some free Green Mountain Coffee! First of all, I love the taste of Green Mountain Coffee. I discovered it last year and it’s currently my favorite coffee brand.

Not only is Green Mountain Coffee delicious, it’s also fair trade. You can find out more at their website.

Basically, with fair trade coffee, the company works directly with the farmers who produce the beans. They pay them a guaranteed minimum for their beans which enables the farmers to invest in their crops, producing good coffee crops. Also, the farmers are able to make money and then use their money to support their local community. What this means for me is that Green Mountain Coffee beans are purchased right where they are grown – this must be why the coffee tastes so good!

I love that fair trade allows farmers to earn their own living and empowers them to help their own communities!

So, while I’m enjoying my tasty coffee I can think of the farmers and their communities that I’m supporting!

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