Private Selection Flip & Serve Cakes

This campaign from bzzagent gave me one free cake. I ended up liking my free one well enough that I tried all 3 cakes. They were all pretty good. Not quite homemade but a great last minute dessert if I need one.

The three varieties are German Chocolate Fudge, Double Chocolate Molten and Amber Honey Apple Spice. None of them had toppings that quite dripped over the sides like they do in the picture, but they all still tasted good. The Apple Spice has a really nice spice taste, perfect for a fall dessert.

My favorite was the German Chocolate Fudge – of course, I love just about anything with coconut. The chocolate cake was rich and chocolaty and the coconut topping was just the right amount of sweet and gooey. I just wish there were two layers to this cake instead of just one!

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