Retro Pattern Dress

I made this dress from an old retro pattern.



I absolutely LOVE the little bloomers!

I’ve used a couple of old patterns recently and I’ve found several key differences between newer patterns. First of all, the old patterns seem obsessed with seam binding, and buttons. New patterns usually do a lining instead of seam binding, and at least some of them use zippers.

Then, there’s the 3″ hem, on a 12mo. dress! The hem is practically as long as the dress! Almost all the new patterns I’ve used have only had a 1/4″ hem. And since this dress has bloomers with an attached skirt I couldn’t change the dress hem length or you would never be able to see the bloomers.

And, of course, the pattern called for a LOT more handsewing than I usually like to do. I, of course, did it on the machine and not by hand. The pattern wanted me to handsew all the lace on the sleeve, plus most of the seambinding.

I just loved this pattern though, it’s very unique and though very time consuming. Was definitely worth every minute!

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  • Orlinda
    07 Apr 2011

    I LOVE it!! You’ve done a beautiful job! Makes me wish for . . . . but I am content where God has me. :0)

  • Marisa
    06 Apr 2011


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