Groupon, Save on Mattress Toppers

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

Lately, Hubby and I have been discussing when to purchase a new mattress. We’ve been needing a new mattress for a little while now, but we just can’t seem to decide on what mattress to get. He’s a back sleeper, and I’m a side sleeper, but we tend to migrate toward the middle of the bed (especially when one of the kids climbs in and joins us) so a mattress with different sides just isn’t a good option for us. Which means we need to agree on a mattress.

Speaking of which, have you ever gone mattress shopping with kids? I did, once. It’s not happening again – I know, it probably will, because how else am I going to go mattress shopping? But, it’s awful. It’s a room full of beds. To be jumped on. Rolled off of. Hidden under. Etc. I don’t actually get any shopping done.

As you can see. Mattress shopping is going to take a long time. So, what to do with my increasingly uncomfortable mattress in the mean time? I visited my mom a while back and she had this awesome mattress pad on a previously uncomfortable mattress. If that’s all it takes to make my mattress more comfortable, I’m all in. But I don’t want mattress pad shopping to be a pain like mattress shopping is. Since I do plan to buy a mattress soon, hopefully. I don’t want to spend a fortune on a mattress pad either.

This is where Groupon Goods comes in. They have some great deals on mattress toppers & pads that will help me sleep more comfortably until I actually find the time (and energy) to go mattress shopping.


With so many great deals to choose from, It’ll be easy to find something that fits my budget. I’m just loving that Groupon has so many ways to save money!

In the comments below tell me, do you have a mattress pad that you love? Maybe I can find it on Groupon Goods and save myself lots of time and money. And sleep better as well!

Oh, and if you just can’t get enough of Groupon, feel free to follow their facebook and twitter!

Save Money With Groupon Coupons

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

I don’t know about you, but with kids, I’m always looking for ways to save money. Whether it be on kid’s clothing, groceries, toys, or household supplies. Anywhere I can save money is a win.

I’m constantly using coupons in the grocery store and for my online purchases. And Groupon Coupons has such a huge listing of coupons, I can almost always find a coupon that will save me some money off of what I’m purchasing. Yay for spending less!

With over 60,000 coupons for over 9,000 retailers both online and in-store, Groupon Coupons is free to use and can save you money! Groupon Coupons posts coupons and deals on their Groupon Coupons site to many of my favorite retailers such as:

  • Target
  • Walmart
  • Amazon
  • Kohl’s
  • Starbucks
  • ToysRUs
  • JCPenney
  • Talbots
  • Coldwater Creek

Groupon Coupons lists promo codes as well as info on online and in-store sales. What a great way to save some additional money when shopping!

For example, Nordstrom has some awesome sales going on right now. Like 50% off selected men’s, women’s, and kid’s clothing. And Kohl’s has a code for 20% off online or in-store. And Coldwater Creek has 20% off your next order when you sign up for e-mails. With Groupon Coupons saving money has never been so easy.

If you want to keep up with Groupon’s latest offerings you can follow them on facebook and twitter for updates about the latest sales and deals.


Free Date Night

If you don’t know about it already Bing rewards you for searching using their site. (sign up using my link and I get 500 points) You can earn up to 30 points a day for online searching and 10 points a day for mobile searching for a total of 40 a day, plus they have bonus points and double point days and such, so points add up pretty quickly. Every 450 points I redeem a $5 Groupon credit. There’s other things on there, like Xbox credits and Amazon gift cards, but groupon is my favorite.

So, last month, I had $20 in Groupon credit sitting in my account. I like to spend it on restaurant discounts and then me and my husband go out to dinner or lunch for “free”. WooHoo. So, Groupon e-mails me a discount, if I spend $30 and purchase a groupon through their mobile app (which is already on my phone) I get $10 off. The math is pretty easy, $10 off a $30 groupon = $20, which is the amount of my current Groupon Credits.

I go search Groupon for anything $30 to $40 and see if there’s anything interesting. For $30 I can get a groupon for $60 at the Tennessee Riverboat Company. Not bad, Dinner cruises are $25 to $30 a person so I go ahead and get it. Now, I have a free $60 to spend at the Tennessee Riverboat Company. Of course, we pick the Mystery Cruise because it sounds like fun.

So, the mystery was pretty much what I expected, not that entertaining but still fun, and I think they just threw all the names in a hat and pulled out out and that was our murderer for the night.

Plus you get a 2 hr cruise down the river on a little riverboat. – to put little in context, I’ve been aboard some of the larger old Ohio riverboats like the Delta Queen when it was still operating as a riverboat. I think one paddle-wheel is bigger than the boat we were on for our cruise. Anyways, little riverboat, it was a very nice 2hr ride. It rained the first 20 minutes, but we were inside eating – and the food was DELICIOUS! – so it didn’t matter. After dinner we went up on the deck and the weather was perfect. Saw some really pretty houses – we’re house hunting currently so it was fun to see some of the large houses on the river.

It was fun to do something different for a change (we left the kids with my MIL) and get some time to ourselves. Not sure I would actually pay $60 for the dinner cruise but if you like being out on the water, it’s lots of fun and the food is good.