My Favorite Online Deal Sites

Every so often I like to make a list of my favorite online deal sites. These sites tend to change fairly often just because I find that usually when a site first starts up they have great deals and then as time goes on the deals are no longer that great.

My Habit – This site is run by Amazon and while I think the deals are sometimes good and sometimes bad, shipping is always free. On most deal sites shipping isn’t free and shipping is often more expensive than the item I want to purchase. My Habit has men’s, women’s, children’s, and home.

Sneak Peeq – My latest favorite. They have home, attire, and food. Some of the sales have free shipping and some don’t. If you order one thing you get free shipping on the rest of the site for 24 hours. You can only view the prices on 20 items a day, but they have unique things, and I’ve gotten some really great deals off of here. ($2 for two cotton kitchen towels).

Zulily – Children and women’s clothing, toys, and educational items. Every now and then they run a free shipping deal if you order so much. I don’t order off of here often because I don’t like paying shipping but their deal prices are pretty good and if you find several things that you want the shipping doesn’t seem so bad.

The Mini Social – Children’s clothing, toys, etc. I like their deals but I don’t like to pay shipping so I don’t order from here often but when I’m looking for a deal on some child item I just have to have, this is a pretty good site.

The Foundary – Home, and sometimes toys. They often carry expensive brands and even discounted I’m not willing to pay for them, but they also have sales that I really like the prices. I’ve purchased from here several times this past year. When I’m looking for something for my house this is a great site to find something unique and discounted.

The Foundary has a Great Return Policy

I shop a lot of different sample sale sites, it lets me get things that I wouldn’t otherwise buy at prices I’m willing to pay. My most recent experience was with The Foundary. I ordered a pendant light for my bathroom. It was only $30, well $35 with shipping, but still a great price considering the cost of all the other pendant lights I’ve liked.

Their shipping is really fast, so I got this in under five days. Unfortunately, when it was delivered the glass globe on the light was broken. I’ve received broken stuff from sample sale sites before, Billion Dollar Babes is the one I’ve had trouble with in the past. Their return policy is terrible and I was expecting the same experience with The Foundary. Imagine my surprise when I discovered an easy to fill out form on the Foundary’s site.

I filled out the form, and requested a replacement product (I really like this light so I was willing to try again). Within 15 minutes I had received an e-mail confirming my return, and telling me to just keep my broken one and donate it to charity – no need to ship it back. And 15 minutes after that I received another e-mail confirming that my replacement product had been ordered and would be shipped soon.

I received my new light today in one piece – barely a week since my original order. And I couldn’t be happier! Now I’m off to add “Hang Bathroom Light” to my husband’s todo list.