Children’s Advil

Trying some Infant Advil from It doesn’t work as well for my kids when they get shots or are teething but seems to work great for fevers.

Also, if you like Advil on Facebook you can get a buy 1 get 1 free coupon.

Smiley360 is a brand review site. You get to try products for free and review them, so if you like to try free products you should check it out!

Free SnapFish 5X7 Photo Book

I hosted a Pull-Ups House party over the weekend. If you haven’t checked out house party you should. Basically, you get a bunch of products (for the pull-ups party, I received 24 pull-ups plus a few other fun things) to try and share with friends. And it’s just what it sounds like, you host a party at your house, featuring the party item. I’m always looking for excuses to throw parties!

I have a bunch of extra codes for SnapFish 5X7 Soft Cover Photo Books. You get a free 20 pages, and the code expires 12/31/2013. You do have to pay shipping and handling which is about $1.99 but this is still pretty cheap for a photo book.

I’m posting one code below, if you try to use it and it’s already been claimed just comment and let me know and I’ll post another code for you.


Google Adwords Code

I have a bunch of codes for Google Adwords Advertising. I’m only listing one below. First person to claim the code gets it. Here are the details:

  • Spend $25 get $100 in google adwords
  • You have to spend the $25 before you can use the free $100
  • Has to be a new account or an account under 14 days
  • Only one code per account
  • This is a unique code, so once it’s used, it’s gone.


If you try to use this code and it’s already been claimed just comment on this post and I’ll post another code for you.

Free Greeting Card

Snapfish is offering a free greeting card if you try their new “Mail For Me”.

Save time. Select Mail for Me when you make your greeting card, and we’ll mail it for you. Try it out on us with a free greeting card. Use code MAIL4ME. Offer ends November 18.

I just ordered mine and you don’t even have to pay for postage!

More on Private Selection

I FINALLY got to try out the Private Selection pie with the free coupon I got from I was hoping to try cherry but all I could find was dutch apple so I decided to go ahead and try apple since these pies have been so difficult to find!

As I was checking out the lady at the register told me about how good the pie was and how much she and her husband loved it. So, I was all ready for a great experience.

I tipped it over in the car so the pie ended up being squished to one side but I was able to mostly flatten it back out. We ate it for dessert the other night. It’s really, very tasty. Much better than I was expecting from a packaged pie in the deli section. The top was crunchy and the apples in the center were soft and sweet.

I think it’s called a personal pie but a 6″ pie is really just right for me and my husband to share.

I’ll definitely be purchasing this again next time I want a sweet treat for after dinner!

My Favorite Online Deal Sites

Every so often I like to make a list of my favorite online deal sites. These sites tend to change fairly often just because I find that usually when a site first starts up they have great deals and then as time goes on the deals are no longer that great.

My Habit – This site is run by Amazon and while I think the deals are sometimes good and sometimes bad, shipping is always free. On most deal sites shipping isn’t free and shipping is often more expensive than the item I want to purchase. My Habit has men’s, women’s, children’s, and home.

Sneak Peeq – My latest favorite. They have home, attire, and food. Some of the sales have free shipping and some don’t. If you order one thing you get free shipping on the rest of the site for 24 hours. You can only view the prices on 20 items a day, but they have unique things, and I’ve gotten some really great deals off of here. ($2 for two cotton kitchen towels).

Zulily – Children and women’s clothing, toys, and educational items. Every now and then they run a free shipping deal if you order so much. I don’t order off of here often because I don’t like paying shipping but their deal prices are pretty good and if you find several things that you want the shipping doesn’t seem so bad.

The Mini Social – Children’s clothing, toys, etc. I like their deals but I don’t like to pay shipping so I don’t order from here often but when I’m looking for a deal on some child item I just have to have, this is a pretty good site.

The Foundary – Home, and sometimes toys. They often carry expensive brands and even discounted I’m not willing to pay for them, but they also have sales that I really like the prices. I’ve purchased from here several times this past year. When I’m looking for something for my house this is a great site to find something unique and discounted.

Garnier Fructis Review

I got to try Garnier Fructis’s new Sleek & Shine Shampoo and Conditioner from

First of all, I like the scent of the shampoo and conditioner. It’s very mild, and a little bit sweet. The scent doesn’t seem to stay on my hair after I rinse it out, which is always nice.

I have slightly wavy hair and this shampoo and conditioner combination helps to keep my hair from getting frizzy, and keeps my hair feeling softer and shinier.

However, the shampoo tends to straighten my hair a bit, which doesn’t work well if I’m going for a wavy style. As long as I decide how I want to fix my hair before I wash it, it’s no big deal. I also noticed that after a week of using it it’s kind of building up in my hair a little bit, so I need to use a different shampoo at least once a week to keep this from happening.

So, it smells good, makes my hair soft, shiny, and straight, and it builds up in my hair just a bit. In the end, I like the shampoo pretty well, but I think I still like my old shampoo better.

Free Photo Canvas

Canvas People has their Free 8X10 canvas or $50 off any canvas coupon code again. You can order as many canvases as you like and you get the discount on each one. I just ordered two with photos from our latest family pictures!

If you order an 8X10 canvas shipping is $15 and for any other canvas shipping is $5.